January 1, 2024

10 thoughts on “3D Arielle game project update 8 and trailer

  1. May I suggest to work on optimization?
    The game is already good, but my PC(16GB RAM, GTX 750Ti2GB, i5-4440) can’t run it even in 20fps.
    Btw, graphic settings doesn’t work.

    1. Not sure why graphic settings don’t work but I plan to make some (at least basic) in game graphic settings myself.

      I’ve definitely been working on sorting out optimization. Been removing Level of Detail versions and simplifying stages a little bit. Also i made a script so the enemies are removed after being killed.
      A lot of the game right now is just dumping all the different enemies onto the stage together to make sure they work ok. However as I work on actual story missions the enemy placement will be more methodical and enemies will appear after events trigger, etc. Also i think I haven’t baked the lighting yet.

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