3D Arielle game project update 8 and trailer

DL Windows:
This game is still early alpha and doesn’t have a smooth way to exit the game. So please play the game in window mode so you can easily X out of it.

All enemies now have models (though not all areas are replaced with those models yet)
A option to fight Maiko as Arielle with TT, Phia and Jaina as allies was added for testing purposes.
There is a terminal near the middle buildings that allow you to fight various waves of enemies as Arielle. This takes you to a new location.

For any who have concern about the realistic ARIA art. This is a example of one place I plan to use it. The dialogue and sex scenes will make use of it. more is explained towards the end of the video.

there is a terminal in the city where you start that allows you to travel to the combat area.
in the combat area there is a terminal near your starting location that takes you back to the city.

1 – Unarmed
2 – pistol
3 – automatic rifle
4 – MLaWs
5 – Fists
G – Grenades

1 – Unarmed
2 – Sniper
3 – Rocket Launcher (not added yet)
4 – beam sword (not added yet)
runs fast,jumps high

1 – Unarmed
2 – automatic rifle
3 – automatic rifle in shield config
G – Grenades (not added yet)
Recover aura recovers life of TT and ally characters (not full implemented)

1 – Unarmed
2 – Hex Blades
G – Hex automatic
Hex aura depletes life of nearby enemies.

Jeo (not in game yet)
1 – Unarmed
2 – Fists

Enemy Types
Purple Agents – Aura around them that drain the players health. Most will move in a similar way to zombie. Getting close to many of these stacked together can instantly kill you from the stacked damage field.

Red Agents:
Red Agent Male – A rush down melee character with a beam sword.
Red Agent Female – A sniper character that uses cover and attacks from a long range. Will try to maintain a far distance from the player.

All red agents move fast.

Blue Agents
Blue Agent Male Melee – A high health agent that had hard hitting melee attacks. Physically bigger than other agents. Advised to keep out of melee range.
Blue Agent Female Shotgun – This agent will strafe and hit you multiple times with shotgun blasts.
Blue Agent Male/Female Assault – This agent will attempt to overwhelm you with blaster fire.

Green Agent
Green Agent Male – This agent regenerates the health of other agent around it, and will slowly creep towards you with a damage shield. Advised to attack the un-shielded parts.

Sentinel Blue
A high damage resistant droid with fire repeated laser at the player. Some versions also shoot missiles.

Mechs shoot missiles at the player and can take a lot of damage.

Maiko (Boss)
A variant of the purple agent that moves extremely quickly and attack from range like red agents. Maiko usually fight both players and enemies so sometimes it is best to avoid her while she is distracted.

Enemies to come:
Harold (Boss)
Harold will toss out lot of extremely high damage bombs that will damage both player and enemies. Sometimes Harold will be in a mecha also.

Natan (Boss)
Paul (miniboss)
Vux (miniboss)
Candy (miniboss)