January 2, 2024

70 thoughts on “ARIA Walkthrough 2.3

  1. How do I access the gallery on 2.3?
    If there are directions on an FAQ, may I please be directed to where I can find the answer to that?

    1. There is no gallery in 2.3 like there is in 2.2b. For now any scenes you can’t replay from the character will appear in the holodeck after being unlocked. usually by just getting rank at least to 20.

    1. The rest of it is completed in later updates. can’t remember if 2.4 or 2.5. but 2.5 is next to be released anyway.

      1. I got

        1. Sounds like you are trying to post this where the passwords go. This is a save code, so you post this where is says paste save code from within the game settings screen.

  2. sometimes at the end of a day ari says that she wants to take a hot shower (with jeo?) you should add a hentai scenenfor this

      1. I get that the food on the character…but the red circle displaying supply…is just not there at all for me. I see days Passed, Passed in Sector. But no Food Supply at all.

        1. need a screenshot.

          my only guess without one is that your computer doesn’t have the font and instead replaced it with a different font that is too big for the game.

          1. What is the font used anyways? At a quick glance it looks like Impact or something very similar.

          2. mission information is something I downloaded called Razer Oblique. the other fonts should be standard on windows.yeah impact, arial, possibly arial narrow,and comic sans for dialogue. people be shtting on comic sans but the dialogue scenes seem similar to comics to be.

          3. I tried putting one up…but I wasn’t able. I don’t get why different font would be it…I mean everything else is there and even in older version of the game (like on Newgrounds) it is there, but here…the thing is just gone. I am running Firefox, but my OS is old. But I don’t think Vista would have an issue with…just that. :0

          4. Hmm, okay. would that Font be something found through the normal Windows options or an extra download by a third part?

          5. @faintx

            I’d have to check but the font might be Arial or Arial Narrow
            Really need need a screenshot be be able to help. you should be able to make a forum post and attach one in there.

  3. @Vortex00 Okay, I can do that. But like I said, the text is just not there. Also the Days Passed isn’t in there either.

    But oddly enough…if I download it(I wanted the voices lol) and play that through the browser…they are there. :/

  4. Excuse me but is there a way to actually win a rank battle? I get what it says in the tutorial but I just can’t do anything in battle, there are so many enemies and lasers that the moment I capture a one point they just take it away. And how does support work? I go into battle but its just myself against like 5 enemies spamming lasers non stop.

    1. just press save and load in the settings menu.
      but if for some reason the game is not saving you can manually copy the generated code and load the previous game save by pasting it in the top box and pressing load from save code.

    1. it is hard to remember but if you found her you can get her working by progressing through the areas in the game. got back to containment after you have Amp.

          1. did that too, is there a rank or location or something else prior required? or did i possibly already view it on a prior round

      1. i have 2 question
        1. what rank to unlock holodeck scene in top right corner / i’m rank 18 my main girl already lose battle but still not unlock yet
        2.i saw in pornhub it have harem 5P scene (4maingirl and joe) how to doing that or it’s removed ?

        1. 1. That is the defeat scene, you need to lose a space battle. It will appear for the girl you lost the space battle with.
          2. that is just a image that used to be in the gallery. I’m don’t remember if it’s still in the game or not. If it’s not a the end then likely not. It’s in older versions of the game though.

  5. The Boss ship raid seems unwinnable now as the girls have so little health. due to a laser firing through a locked door at ground level with no way around it. and no way to get a bomb onto the door without standing in the beam. the three second bomb fuse is enough to kill either Ari or Phia and once down onto the path of that beam there is no way out of the beam. am I missing something horribly obvious regarding the solution here?

    1. you can build their health by leveling combat. Or you can keep jumping to not take constant damage from the laser.

  6. i already have phia respect over 100 and do the free in least 1 tasks left in the day but got nothing how can i get luma scene?

    1. You didn’t mention if Luma is on the ship. You need to get to the area where Luma and her team is on the ship. iirc it is area 7.

  7. in area 5 that bitch stole my everythin , i have 0 bombs , 0 resources , NOTHING
    i hope there will be a kill option cuz im a little bit mad …

    1. No named character steals anything from you in this game.
      they only way you can lose resources,bombs,etc is to get attacked and either ignore it or fail to defend yourself. it displayed a red warning text when you are being attacked.

      make sure your stealth system is active to avoid being attacked.

  8. Can Remi battle? I want to see her defeat/rape scene but there’s no way to battle, only ranked battle and that doesn’t bring me anything on defeat.
    Also, I don’t understand “support” tabs where I can equip the girls as support and the agent, what do these do?
    I had a ton of fun with this game otherwise, I kind of hate to see it be called completed.

    1. As far as I know Remi doesnt have a defeat anim but you can play as her. You need to go to the agent tab where Jeo is to play as her.

  9. I’m playing version 2.7 and I’ve been in area 2 for 17 days. No Kim hentai? How do I get it coz 14 days took a loooooooong time lol

    1. it should still be the same. I haven’t looked at this game’s code in several years thoguh. only thing i can think of immediately is to make sure you don’t have the stealth thing active. i don’t think it counts the days when you have that active.

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