About me, this site and my projects

I figured I would take the time to type a little bit about me any what I am working on and what I am working towards.

About me:
I graduated college with a computer engineering bachelors degree, with a pretty nice full time job. Stay in school it is probably worth it. Well for sure if it is one of the STEM fields. Science Technology Engineering and Math.
(this message has been sponsored by Vortex00 *cough* >_>;)

However since my job eats up most of my time. I sometimes get delayed on lots of things ranging from replying to people to working on projects. Since I have a job I can afford to dump some of my own money into my games, and I have been doing just that. However I am trying to work towards being less dependent on going to work and having more time to work on my hentai games and stuff. So since that is one of my goals, how beneficial it is for me to work on something is extremely important to me. If what I am spending a lot of my time on only causes me to lose both money and spend my time, that it is not worth doing. because I will never reach my goal that way. And I would rather spend my time on something that can generate some money, instead of loosing it, so I can get to the goal I mentioned. Thanks to those supporting.Currently you are the ones making it worthwhile for me to continue this. I would probably be dipping my nose into something else like the stock market and things like that if I felt all this would be is just my time being donated for free. But I do see something here that can grow larger. so far it is becoming less of a burden to make decisions about what and what not to add in my upcoming stuff. so thanks~

About this site:
This site was originally designed to help hentai artists have some kind of financial incentive or reward for their efforts. Like I mentioned earlier, people need money to eat, but if it is worth their time to make something then they will. Giving thanks for their work is a very nice gesture, but a artist does makes art for a living can’t survive on thanks. I was going to give out sponsorships to people, but it was too costly. I have a job but I am by no means some rich person. Plus I have bills to worry about. But as the patreon grows it seems this might be more and more possible to have games sponsored on the site. Maybe it can be voted on my the patrons each month for the hentai that came out that month. Or even have games that other people can do be funded thanks to you all. I can probably see that happening around the 1k a month mark if I can ever reach it. Maybe it can be 1st 2nd and 3rd place. etc.

I also used to do videos series called VortexPlays and Thoughts and Analysis(T&A). Hopefully I will be able to get back to doing that pretty soon.
Since “T&A” is a play on the phrase tits and ass, the begennign of this videos have boobs and stuff in them. so hope you don’t mind >_>;

I think T&A series is very helpful if you are trying to get started in doing hentai.

About the projects:
Journey of the Legendary Crystal Khalei (JLCK):
JLCK encompass itself, and of the other project listed below. When you combine all of the events from the other games, stories,etc together what you get is it prequel events for things that happen in JLCK. JLCK follows the story of a character named Gheist. Khalei in the story is energy that can many different things. it can give people powers and can power machines and cities. There are different type of Khalei, how Gheist can create the most enriched kind of Khalei with her bare hands. To make this kind of Khalei, it normally would takes big factories and several months to make even just small amount. So it is something that the shady company GemCo wants to find her and use her to help speed up their production. They don’t really care what happens to her in the process.

Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters (UMCC):
This game (and most umichan stuff) was created to explain the character Charity and how she became who she is. Charity begins and the voluptuous sexual deviant Umiya Maiko. Who as most of you all know, is only aware of events that currently effect her own life. Things, like school life, boys, and beating Luma.

Advanced Rouge Intelligent Assault (ARIA):
ARIA covers a section of the company GemCo and tells the story from that perspective. Not everyone in GemCo agrees with what is happening within the company. It follows a extremely dangerous character named Jeo.

Daughter of Eve (DoE)/Semitix:
This tells the story of the characters Donavik(Sixxe) and Annie, who appear at the beginning and end of UMCC. Maiko is given one of Annie’s hairpins as suggested by Donavik so that Gheist might be saved by Maiko later on in the future.

Yearly video journals: