Site News and Updates July 08 2014

Maiko art:

Site Updates:
In case you can’t view the MMD videos here you can see many of them on trollvids.
Click the videos tab a bit below the pic of Maiko.

Project Updates:
Been working mostly on ARIA. I have been showing what I can but a lot of it is writing dialogue :C
The the scripts for the entire game are just about done, I’m going to add them in over the next few days. Hopefully it won’t even take that long. I bounce back and fourth between Umichan stuff and ARIA stuff.
For those that don’t know this is quite normal for me actually to bounce between different things. It is because I get exhausted a bit bored working on just one thing. So being able to context switch for a while really helps be get reinvigorated.

Made a post today on patreon at the $10 level, I have some playable umichan stuff it is not really ready to show so I put it there. Should have some more updates soon.