Site updates December 2014

This is probably the last “site update” before the new year. I will still post plenty of other stuff though.
And this is not even really a site update. mostly a games update but not enough to make a full blow CSG (current state of games) video.

ARIA Amp shooter game (no official title yet)
first on the docket is news about the Amp shooter game. I need to make a image of the main villain guy, then I’ll have all the character art I need for that game. I have not done any coding on that yet. Probably wont start until January.

UMCH – Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc
This is the sequel to UMCC – Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheater and is currently in development. It is being made in pieces that connect together so the the game will be playable well before it is able to be finished.


The next play test version of that is sorting out how the major dialogue scenes will work. Which is nearing complete.
I uploaded a new demo demo of it:

Please provide feedback, I know of a few typos here but if you seem typos please point them out. I know there are a few towards the end.
And yes I have the hentai intentionally blurred out for this. I might post 2 or 3 of them on patreon soon. Else they will be available in the game when I finish this scene. Having made this, and struggling with some method to “unlock” the hentai images, I’m not not sure I want to include the boob jiggling stuff. It is a cute gimmick at first but quickly becomes unnecessary and tedious to make. I mean there are only so many different wacky ways the boobs can jiggle. Also sometimes the character’s boobs are blocked by the text box not allowing you to be able to click them anyways. So maybe I will have boob jiggle in other places in the game. such as where the character is normally located or in other places. and make that animation much smoother.

Today I started working on a mmd movie version Umichan Maiko Dark Winter. I normally refer to it as dark winter or umdw or just dw.
Dark winter is a flash I released on Newgrounds back in 2009 that took place at some point in the story after UMCC and when Maiko had mastered the Khalei energy in her hairpin and learned to fight a bit better.

This was the old flash animation:

In the animation Maiko is being attacked by GemCo sentinel drones. These drones seek out and look for Khalei crystals and collect them. In this case they were sent specifically looking for Maiko as they had her name in their database. At the end of the video Luma shows up but is off camera. For this video I will have her visible in the scene at the end. Most likely in ARIA type GemCo Special Agent gear.

This is a test video I made this morning. The color on Maiko will be adjusted to blend in more and I will change her outfit to winter clothing. Though she would still have her school stuff on under it. And I know the walking looks funny. still a wip!