first 2015 small updates post

So just wanted to mention things I am currently working on currently.

site related:
currently I am working on trying to make a RPG plugin work with the latest version of wordpress. I was helping work on it earlier a while ago

I think it would be neato to have a persistent browser based interactions on here. I won’t spend too much time on it. Actually I already tried earlier and got it to install without errors but it failed to actually work.
However this time around I have already made progress that is worth even if it doesn’t work again. I think I have learned how to make flash games that easily integrate with wordpress.
So I should be able to do more then just a high score minigames. I’m going to be testing that shortly. hopefully later today.

game related:
I also wanted to take another stab at the first person minigame I was making a while ago. That probable as usual was art for the arms and such in first person. But I can try with mmd images to see how it looks. I think at worst it will be a time trial.

I’m taking a shot at trying to recreate how I do the movieclips that displays the characters in umcc. both it’s structure and art. from we can see different way of how things might be able to look.

I have not begun working on fixing some problems in ARIA. I wanted to mainly take a stab at fixing the issues with laser clean up and recode some of that. And also make it so nodes won’t overlap each other, etc. technical stuff. Then I will make it where there can be custom things added to it.

mmd related:
I was editing the motion used in ‘santa baby’ to work with Luma.
I recently made a updated version of Riley. and also Pattie was edited a bit since the last video she was in.
I have five or so videos in progress I am working on, but the top priority right now for me is a small collab piece I need to make. the mmd videos after that will probably have after the aforementioned site related stuff is complete. I was thinking about beginning regular content that are just small H related stuff. no bg, at times no music. just a quick hentai motion. or showing my wip stuff as I was doing a bit earlier.

anyways back to work for me.