more umichan related updates

I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of reading in this post. I have a lot to write to you all about so bear with me.

So far I have asked one artist to see if commission work is possible for umichan. And for the recorded it is not pinoytoons. His art is drawn in flash, and for Umichan stuff I need photoshop or sai, with heavily shaded style coloring with super thin lines. you know, similar to how I do it.

basically I wont mention this guys username, but the way this artist operates normally is one commission order at a time. then to be fair for everyone, you go back to the end of the line and wait until he finished any other orders before you can back up the front. And while all that is happening, he asks his patrons if they have have anything they want made and those fellows get priority of any non patron orders. making the wait time variable. he mentioned it can be from one or two weeks per order.

Well those who know anything about umichan around here know that the game has like 20+ characters not including teachers, store people, and gemco agents, background students and custom characters… I probably need like 40+ character drawings. a week or two between each drawing is acceptable if I’m trying to make this game in a reasonable amount of time.

He then suggested a group of images at a time. I but I still don’t think it will work out because of other conditions. These conditions include, giving him credit on the title screen of the game (fair enough right?), posting a active link to his patreon on the title screen (eh.. ok I suppose.), and finally the show stopper for me, he will post any art the does for the game on his personal website, patreon and other art upload sites (wait wtf?).

At this point I am wondering why I am even paying. This would be completely reasonable IF the art was completely free.
For those wondering my thought process on this it is as follows:
if you are marketing yourself, both in the game and out of it, links and credits on the title screen AND spoiling literally all the contribution you have in the game, the only reason someone would even play it is to see my contribution. the stuff I did. And since that is the case, why even bother being a part of the game? much less me paying for it. The money I’m paying is to add value to the game. the portion of value is moot if it is spoiled before the game even releases. I don’t think he understands that. his entire system is designed for the casual commissioner and not a game commission. thoughts ?

In other news, I’m a bit all over the place. I edit the neck lines. I haven’t made the shadows under the face yet though.
I will probably go with the middle one.

I this morning I started randomly making patties hair in 3D? In hopes I can finish it to update the pattie mmd model with more accurate hair.


Also I started drawing 2D stuff for pattie when she is with Maiko. If you see any issues with the lines now is the time to mention it. I will probably finish this later today. It will have a school, gym, and nude version with jiggly boobies.

Now onto other stuff. It’s kind of been up in the air what I want to do for umichan. It still is. all 2D art? 2.5d mmd?
I’m pretty sure using neat and different positions from mmd models will be useful. however the system in umcc also has proven to be effective. But I think I’ll be ok to use mmd if I made several changes in the current models. I need to fix the lower portion to have the open and close vagina. I’ll probably use the old one though and I would to update several hairs. OR I can try to draw everything I need in such a way where it is at least mildly customizable. such as the pattie pic above and the sytra one from earlier. this will save me any future potential headaches when dealing with things that are borrowed. such as the cafe outfits. It is safe for me to do 2D since I have a patreon for it.

There are a few other ideas I had. I think it would be interesting to play a portion as Tsugo and his story with Joey and Zytra. And also potentially when playing as Maiko to at certain points be able to switch to pattie or Maiko’s sentinel. the sentinal could be interesting. it could be something Riley wanted to follow Maiko around and keep her focused, and the player is the AI of the sentinel.

so thoughts on the commission situation, the art, and the ideas are welcome.