Mysterious Entertainer

Who is the mystery entertainer dazzling the audience?



I have more editing to do one the dress. Maiko and Zytra and the main girls, Kyle and Jay will make a appearance and probably be bouncers. I could add more stuff going on like putting in Lynn and her guards, but idk. we’ll see. She might be sitting at a table some where.

This will probably be my last video for a while, as I need shift gears back to umichan 3d and umch. I was in the process of trying to get the hair commissioned. so if that happens I’ll make smaller length videos of those characters. similar to the TeAmo video.

otherwise if you have time on your hands you can check out my previous recording where i was working on stuff for the previous video and the next one. I also have some video of me drawing zytra. the videos are in a little box near the bottom. you can see how i took the dress in the pic below to fit the body and look like how it does in the pics above.