Site Updates

Haven’t made a site update post in a while so I figured I’d make one.

earlier last year pinoytoons made a few loops and animations for a aria type game I was going to make featuring Amp in a 2D tactics style game made in flash. But I think I will plan to use those animations to make a extended version or ARIA. Where Amp tells her story and Jeo and crew finally catch up with Natan. Later on I wanted to make a unity3D game with Amp and the main character.

Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc
UMCH is currently in progress. I am connecting together everything I have made so far into a single package. This is the various minigames and areas. I might just make a few more hentai minigames and forget the other planned minigames for now (new guitar mini, etc) and then focus heavily on the story/dialogue system. Other minigames can easily be added since the game is modular anyways.
Since Maiko is already in all the clubs, the game is less about joining stuff and beating people at stuff, and instead be more story based. I want the relation levels and stuff to be heavily based on dialogue options.

3D models
I have two guys working on the hair for the 3D models I was trying to get done earlier. I finished Pattie’s hair but I have them working on Pattie anyway. the due dates for the first hairs are I think March 12th and the 16th. So they might all be done in April.

Umichan 3D
I am currently up to wip 7 I haven’t planned to do anymore with it. I did want to make Umichan Maiko 1 in 3D. I have heard a few ideas for doing UMCC in 3D. and I actually like the idea more and more of having Maiko not being to move around at all, similar to umcc. she can just look around. I wanted to try that also. Between Umichan 3D and Crystal Horror I should be able to make various 3D games now. But since I am using the MMD models which are not totally made from scratch by me I can’t ever sell it. but that is what patreon is for lol. If the model had to be totally from scratch it could be by editing it with the model I got commissioned earlier last year.

MMD videos
working a small yuri video with Maiko and Riley.
and a Spring time theme mmd video with Leyah and Zytra
there will be no shortage of mmd video throughout the year as I mostly make them to recover from being burnt out.

VortexPlays/Thoughts and Analysis
I want to get through the list of TandA stuff before the year is done.
Plus do more VortexPlays.

These are my proposed changes to my patreon page.
My objective here was to make something that I can deliver that has value yet without being too
cumbersome such that I don’t have any time to work on the stuff listed above.

$1 thanks
patreon feed access

patreon feed access
early download access of all content before it goes live on the site. (games, game updates, beta games, mmd videos, etc)

some people have mention downloads are slow or completely inaccessible usually the day I post a link to something. so these guy will have a a chance to download stuff in advance. Depends on the size of the file on how long that window is.

patreon feed access
early download access
access to secret links (svp girls, short hentai mmd videos, etc)

secret links so far have been usually things like SVP Girls that I don’t post on the website in the form of a post. It is just a video link sent via message. some have goodies many are cock teases. I will also mix in some hentai mmd stuff.
SVP Girls:
the booty the left is not a 3D model, it is irl.


$50 – sponsor
patreon feed access
early download access
access to secret links
advertisement opportunities

the list is not final but just my ideas for now i wanted something for $20 and $100 maybe.

also this is a mmd video I wanted to post yesterday but didn’t get a chance to