project updates and mmd zytra test

3/3 pics done for umichan deluxe. I’m actually still trying to find the right minigame for this. Not sure I want to use exactly the same thing from deluxe. there are a few criteria I’m trying to follow. fun, replayable, and able to stop user interaction without losing. At least getting 2/3 of these would be ideal.

also pinoytoons is done with a few pics for future aria stuff. A few loops are in progress atm.

All the art assistance I am getting across both umichan and aria stuff is going smooth and looking great.

currently trying this hair for zytra, getting her ready for a video or two. The hair doesn’t collide with the arms yet. but if it works out I might try it for Luma also. we’ll see. getting long hair to behave correctly in mmd is difficult.