Greet customer dialogue

first of all here random screens from the current cafe stuff.


Currently working on sex stuff, but going to add in some dialogue stuff also.
each time before working Maiko has the option to greet customers. she might watch greetings from other characters that work there also if another character is already greeting them.
It may or may not effect her mood, base pay, tips, and percent change to potentially get pleasure clients. depending on how the customers might react.
not sure if it want multiple characters together also but we’ll see.

(the customers appear uncomfortable) = lower chance to chat, lower tips
(customer is insulted) = lower tips
(customer is confused) = lower chance to chat.
(customer is neutral) = no change
(customer is excited) = higher chance to chat
(customer is happy) = higher tips
(customer is horny) = higher tips, higher chance to chat

I don’t have a particular name for the cafe.

Jeni examples:
Jeni a bit of a tomboy, but has a few girly traits. only works here because it is the family business and her Mom wants her to help out.
She uses swear words and generally would rather be back at the school doing contact sports with buff boys. her remarks are generally very bad or very good.

Jeni: Yeah yeah, welcome to the cafe or whatever, have a seat. And stop staring at me so damn much. It’s fucking creepy.
(the customers appear uncomfortable)

Jeni: Oh you again.. did you really come to buy another salad? or did you come to toss one ? You came to toss one didn’t you…
(customer is horny)

Jeni: welcome, follow me to the table. feel free to stare at my tits or ass or whatever. I don’t care anymore.
(customer is excited)

Jeni: Do you really want to know why I have gloves on ? I don’t think you do. Quit pissing me off.
(customers appears uncomfortable)

Jeni: Are just here to pull my top down too ?
(customers is insulted)

Pattie examples:
pattie is flirty and very weird. calls Maiko senpai. per remarks are sometimes viewed as odd even though she has good intentions.

Pattie: Welcome! follow me to the sp-… uh table…
(customer is neutral)

Pattie: Chu? Oh! yeah these don’t hold up that well. You should see how easily I can bounce senpai’s boobs out.
(customer is excited)

Pattie: Oink oink!
(customer is happy)

Pattie: Chuuu! so cute! I can just eat you up!
(customer is confused)

Pattie: Welcome chu! Sorry We are out of milk but I can squeeze some from senpai if you want.
(customer is confused)

Leyah examples:
Leyah is energetic and outgoing. uses nya and nyan. refers to herself in third person often. her remarks are generally positive.

Leyah: Leyah-nyan will make sure you enjoy your stay!
(customer is happy)

Leyah: Do you come to eat or to play? What is play? uh.. nevermind nya!
(customer is confused)

Maiko examples:
Maiko is generally positive and confident. her remarks are generally not really good or really bad. it could also depend on her mood thoguh.

Maiko: Welcome! please follow me!
(customer is neutral)

Maiko: Sorry it took so long! How is everyone today?
(customer is happy)