UMCH wip video and ARIA feedback requested

Feels good to post a video with we working on stuff. I used to do this for drawing videos but I don’t draw much these days heh. Perhaps I finish a drawing later. This video is me working on Jeni cafe riding animation for UMCH. Quite lot goes into just something that seems to look quite simple when finished. Jeni also has a unique pose I will work on today if I get time after the ARIA Kim stuff. The guy clients will have different body types, penises, and skin colors. and eventually they will get faces heh. There each girl like Maiko, Jeni, etc will eventually get a high paying customer that takes a liking to them. Those will be their unique animations.

For ARIA is it time to decide what the next animation to be created will be. I think it will be a Sui-May in unique posted earlier in a blog post since she would be the only person to not have one yet. The Kim scene should be done today hopefully and then I will need to do a few updates to the save system and stuff. getting to the Kim scene will also stop the ship from being raided.

Which brings me to another point. What is consensus on the other non-space battle minigames? I bring it up because I was talking to a some guys month or so ago that publish very successful games and they mentioned it might be better to not have it in there because it is less developed than the space battle stuff. And to perhaps instead focus on the space battle stuff. The games was like that originally also. there no additional minigames aside from the space battle. But I was thinking you can still raid and be raided but it is stat/item/gear based chance of success.

These minigames are now already extracted so it is not a far step away to have raids and gathering resources to some quick roll based on stats. That roll could be guaranteed successful by getting other stuff to help. For example: Phia doing a raid on a normal ship with normal gear has a success rate of say 70%. if you equip her with weapons and bombs and other stuff that would go up to 100%. Bri would be less base percent. I could be a screen to drag and drop weapons and items into slots. I also say this because I know that probably many people just for the MLaWs laser from Arielle because it is tedious. Also the exploration to get resources becomes irrelevant later on in the game, I could have space station do something else, like getting blackmarket gemco gear from Amp’s rebel crew and or for Phia to recruit more crew, and great place to possibly buy the AI robot. Thoughts ? Also I’m really not interested in the “it’s already in there so just leave it the way it is” reasoning.