I think I am done adding game mechanics for 2.3. I will be testing them soon. I am in the process of getting the walkthrough updated.
In the previous post I mentioned a ranking system and how I might have a future use for it. the rank system will be used to unlock existing hentai that you might have missed in the game since you cant travel to past areas, and also for future animations and edits added into the game. The phia yuri scene will probably be unlocked via rank also.

Savori story art is mostly done, need just one more image. Most of the stuff simply mentioned in umcc will actually be shown in umch. working on Zytra/Joey/Tsugo stuff next. I still have a lot of animations I need to catch up on, a lot of minigames I need to update, and a lot of dialogue to add. Currently ttrop is making pictures for some of the story parts.

I recently got a number Umichan of characters updated in the school outfits. This open up possibilities for their appearances in MMD videos, but also for things like Umity 3D games.
I also wanted to make a unity3D game with a few ARIA characters or at least ARIA themed. We’ll see how that goes.