ARIA 2.7 and ARIO what to expect

after these games get sorted out I’ll finish day 2 of The Rookie and start working Agent Trainer.

ARIA 2.7
short Bri side story added
Phia and Roy scene added in Area 3 by talking to Roy
Holodeck updated with the new sex scenes
rank battle over 20 will be against enemies that use ARIA support abilities against you
Arielle laser and Bri disaster abilties now remove barrier ship sheild temporarily
Bri disaster effect lasts for 2 seconds and removes shield without reducing the units nodes to zero
5 H animations added to custom editor inculding yuri stuff
branching path options added to editor for scenarios.
all 2.6 scenarios still work the same in 2.7
exit button added in top right corner for custom scenes
various small bug fixes


this game is top down shooter that takes place after the events of ARIA.
Each planet has a boss mechanic you need to watch out for.
made a few typos fixes and lasers hopefully work on macs now.
ARIO is a small game, each girl has 4 unlockable scenes with the second to last being a hentai image scene and last being hentai animation scene.
Remi, Ai, and Goo can be found in the game but are not playable and have no hentai sex scenes.