Moho 12 and animation assistance

I recently moved or in some cases upgraded from what was called Anime Studio to the now MOHO. Not even sure what moho means or stands for. But basically it is the most recent version of Anime studio. Recently I have been kind of heavily working on The umichan boxer game and am little fatigued when it come to animations. It takes white a while just to edit files and set everything up before anything can even begin to be animated. So jccq is how helping with that in addition to the social media stuff. At first all I needed was just to do the leg work of setting up the files. Cropping and resizing pics, importing the images into the software, etc. But he wanted to also learn animation so I have shown him how to use the software and how I tend to go about animationing UMCH stuff and his results looks really good imho. I had only minor corrections is every test animation. So now he is currently working on the Cafe front facing animations for the main cafe girls. This is something mentioned to be from time to time that it would better if the characters were front facing. Animation help on this leave room for me to work on other stuff or actually not have rush and try to squeeze stuff in and delay stuff as much. Been meaning to update Agent trainer and work on script on the rookie day 3 for a while now heh.

For the front facing cafe stuff, I think only Maiko and fast version of each girl is left then I can add it into the game. But I will mention more on that later. I actually planned to upload some of my explanation videos here on the site for anyone else that wants to lean how I animate UMCH stuff and my overall thought process behind it. Below is a sample of the leyah from facing animation jccq made. feel free to leave feedback.