some swimsuit previews and discussion

a few character swimsuits. Thanks to any that posted suggestions in the other post. All the swimsuits are currently done and will revealed later in game, on posts, and on social media.

Starting with Remi, she is currently the only futa in the game out of 22+ female character so if futa is not your thing do not be alarmed. However if futa is your thing there is a character for it. Some of the outfits have transparency, but in the case of Remi it is mostly to let players know what going on down there. Most of the game character actually don’t know Remi is futa.

Maiko has a semi transparent top that should also be nice to see in first person when looking down. All these swimsuits are similar to swimsuits found around the net. A lot of people posted suggestions to drawings and stuff like that, which btw was nice and thanks, however I was looking more for irl swimsuit designs. In many cases I used the same color and the swimsuit from a pic because I wanted to get away from characters usual colors here. Maiko often sporting something having red in it. So the lime green and purple I think is great. Same for the other characters. Joey normally has something dark or black, and Riley often has purple.

I think many people expected Riley to be in a one-piece swimsuit. I was thinking this but I decided to switch it up a bit. For Riley this is a very bold swimsuit considering the top can easily blow up when a breeze comes. Yet it still has the cuteness with the pink color and bows on the side. For those playing or played The Rookie, this is something Riley might wear to the beach to impress him.

Joey is very conservative. So she has a plain one-piece and even a jacket over that. if players are on the Tsugo quest or ended it picking Joey I might have small scene that can appear where she takes off her jacket for him. I for the Joey one it is very close if not the same as the one recommended so thanks.

I will reveal and go over more of the girl later. Eventually get to all of them hopefully heh.