UM Boxer builds

I wanted to make this post early to showcase some builds in the upcoming UM boxer game. Keep in mind that the face doesn’t matter for stats.

This is a example of heavy offensive build, the outfit, gloves and fight style are all designed to boost melee. Set you character up with this and spam click and try to overwhelm the enemy with offensive power. Weave in heavy punched if possible so the enemy can’t block through your punches. If the enemy is able to block a lot you will find yourself out of endurance quickly.

This build is balanced but since the fight style is aggressive it has the potential to eventually overcome anything if played correctly. The syle makes it so when you take damage you melee stat raises. The muse outfit allows you to recover health when you block, and the gloves used extra endurance to hit harder punches, but also you will drain and gain endurance on blocking in addition to the health you get from nurse outfit. For this if you can over the enemy at first sit back and soak up damage, heal HP back up, then when you melee stat is boosted, pummel down the opponent.

This is a very aggressive build that pumps up melee and has some stamina sustain by having the gym outfit on.

This build has a lot of endurance sustain from the gloves and gym outfit, along with health recovery from the defensive style. It has a little of melee from the gloves using extra endurance to hit harder but melee is really lacking here. However with endurance and health gain you can win over time.

Super tanky build, health gain of 20% per block and you take no damage when blocking. I only really recommend this when storing you character for other to fight heh. It’s really hard to beat when fighting it.