ARIA online game brainstorming

From time to time I will dabble in Unity3D, or other 3D stuf. About a week or two ago I picked up this mmo kit from the unity3D asset store.!/content/51212

a demo of the kit can be played here:

as some of you may know I have been making a umichan online game off and on damn near from scratch. The basic functions work but that is about it. The most recent thing I was doing with it was figuring out how to make the AI work across a network so everyone sees the same actions from the AI. It’s simple enough when every is already in the game but gets a little tricky when players drop in and out of the game. For example, if a AI is chasing a person and they drop out. needs tom logic for that and everyone has to see the same logic happen etc.

But anyways. this kit has a lot of that stuff already done. Has a skill system where you can make (basic) skills. a bit of crafting, a few more things like pvp.

The Ai system is about as basic as it can get. The only follows the player and has just one melee range ability it can use. Giving a enemy a projectile skill will not work and it can only use one skill even you give it more than one. However I did re-write some of the Ai script so the enemy can at least use more than one skill. It will try to cycle to other skills it may have if its first is on a cooldown. So for example that first skill might be a AoE high damage attack that has a cooldown of 10 seconds. during that 10 seconds it will do it second ability a melee attack. Of it first ability can be a heal. It works but it makes the animation messed a bit. I can probably fix it when I look at the code again.

Think about ARIA classes and the skill that are possible came up with this. subject to change. Having some trouble with purple agent because the skill I am trying to do don’t seem to work.
I looked at the code and see I need to add at least one skill type. There are only Attack,Heal, and Buff. But looks like I need to add. one for a DoT (damage over time)

Defender Agent (Green)
Tank class

More HP per level
(off hand has passive block chance)

HP Buff
Heals HP
Block Buff

Striker Agent (Blue)
Damage Class

Higher attack per level

High Damage Skill single target close range
Damage AoE mid range
Damage Buff

Enhancer Agent (Red)
Ranged Damage

faster move speed

Crit Buff
High Damage Skill long range long cd
low damage skill long range short cd

Hex Agent (purple)
Debuff Class

More MP per level

Heals MP Buff
Wide AoE DoT (tested and doesn’t work atm)
Damage MP (tested and doesn’t work atm)

For the character models I plan to use mmd stuff. The F.Agent mode lcan be seen in this video:

MMD: Hey Mama

as far as game setting I might have it right after the attack Amp and her team did on the GemCo facility, so after that attack but before Jailbreak. The facility is still kind in chaos and sentinels got hacked and reprogrammed during the attack. Need to go around and take out the lingering threats. Will probably have some cameos in there also.

gear and items in the game will mostly be from crafting stuff.

for the time being I have just been trying to get the damage over time stuff to work. And work on enemy Ai.