Umichan Maiko Female Rivalries wip

As mentioned earlier I am trying to get chunks of UMCH into a single file as separate games with more focus on story elements.

I am doing this making all the animation into video clips like I used to do in the past, stead of making a sequence of pngs like I am doing now. The png sequence has a higher quality but literally just one png image in the sequence of roughly 45 images is a lot more than the size of the whole video file.

For those that like on big game that will still be there also but i think I need to take a bit of hiatus on that so I can learn how it needs to be to finish it.
Basically what I mean is once i have the individual stories for detailed out, I plan to eventually retrofit those or parts of them back into UMCH.

day one will kind of be on rails but more story focused. I plan to have day 2 of the game will open up and you can do whatever objectives you want to impress Luma.

You can choose to do one or more of them. For this game the options will be 2 different paths to popularity and one with smarts.
popularity will be at the cafe getting it to high level like in UMCH, Maiko can work normal ro do sex stuff.
The other popularity option is to perform with Greel on stage.
Then finally with smarts Maiko can pass all of her old tests. She can cheat and work out a deal with Tom, or pass all of them legit.

Some parts of the text are new, and other parts I went back and simplified it so people new to the lore can understand what is happening, and also to cut out parts that seemed to drag on a bit too long.

Also I plan to add more facial expressions the the scenes.

on a different note, I have realized that the music doesn’t quite take up as much space as I originally thought as long as is is compressed enough. It doesn’t sound as good but it works. the music is compressed down a lot but it only adds about 100 kb weight to the final .swf
so I will probably jam all that in to the player swf file for the UMCH game. and hopefully it can all fit into one file for female rivalries.

looking back at UMCC, that was 46.1 Mb and currently female rivalries is at 27.3. I still need to add the minigames and the rest of the scenes but hopefully I won’t get past 30 something Mb but we’ll see.