Watergun game updates

Earlier I mentioned in a post I was casually working on a watergun game casually in addition to other stuff.

Currently have 6 waterguns, 5 hairs, and 5 swimsuits.
I plan to have multiple skins and colors for the outfits and hairs. even skins for the waterguns.

3 waterguns are set in place. 3 need to be added to the model.

For the multiplayer I’ll probably just have this model. no male model, no sex stuff but still have things like nudity.

Sex animations will be in the single player stuff and I plan to also have both male and female opponents along with quests similar to Umichan 3D.

going to change up the pvp from UM3DO. in this game most of the weapons probably just use a hit box instead of shooting out a projectile. I’m hoping this help with performance and people just being able to easily side step the projectile. The heavy gun and sniper equivalent gun might still use a projectile though, with the heavy gun having a blast radius.