More ARIA updates ?

For any wondering if I plan to updates ARIA they answer is yes. ARIA is more or less done but not polished and has a few bugs. So I wont be adding more sex scenes but I want to fix it various other things after I’m done fixing up UMCH.

Below are a list of things I plan to do with it:

  • update the interface
  • fix a issue on the main menu where certain text does not show
  • add animations for the characters on the main menu screen
  • make the progression more gradual where the first few levels are a a bit more easy to complete.
  • fix the issues where you can get stuck with no food and the girls won’t make any more.
  • lessen the amount of copied sex scenes.
  • update the appearance of all space ships.
  • take out a few things that don’t seem to be used if at all, like the scene editor.
  • add sounds effects to the sex scenes
  • swap/add bgm
  • make the Agent girls bodies match their updated Agent Trainer looks more.
  • make Luma’s stats scale based on rank or some other stat.
  • want to takes a look at the side scrolling levels and fix shooting the laser. I may or may not just take all of that stuff out and focus on the space battle stuff.
  • add voice and dialogue that describes the planets.
  • fix any grammar/spelling issues I find or made aware of.