UMCH updates

almost done with the sound effects an bgm stuff. I’ve been adding extra bgm and sound effects for things like boxing and quest scenes.
I was going to add ambience but I don’t think I will because it is barely audible.

Also it is not just sound stuff I am working on.
I am swapping some of the bulky png sequence animations with a smaller format video animation so stuff can load faster.
and editing button icons and text in all of the areas, sex scenes, dialogue scenes, all of it.

I still need to add sounds effects to all the cafe animations,
and a way to replay or easily see stuff that can’t currently be replayed. this will be come combination of unlockables and/or passwords.

There is also a animation it added that is pert of the AI quest that was currently not a part of UMCH. and I have a animation of the R. Girls that is missing also.

I also want to add certain fun things like hidden buttons that certain things or trigger certain dialogue. Might have side quests surrounding that also.

I also added a sentinel store, and fixed up the photo side quest stuff where Maiko acquires different photos for photos club students. I want to have different little things as reward for those beyond just money.