UMCH updates

UMCH is about done I just need to make tutorials and have ways to review certain animations. Hopefully I can take the tutorials I used on the chapter versions and just plug them in here.
None of the stuff below is in the game yet. It will be in a version after v22. It will hopefully be the last version.

You can see the R.Girl is now available in the boardwalk area (on the right).
R.Girl Can participate in making Ice-Cream or a sex animation that rewards money currently. I also added sound effects so you more easily can tell when you make the ice-cream correct.
Pic of the sex mini. It can be played with any of the 4 R.Girls in UMCH. It is not available when playing as Maiko.
Pic of R.Girl serving ice-cream along with new icons for it.
The stun icons used the be a grey dot. Now it is yellow stars.
I addition to this what is not shown here is various easter eggs in the cafe. Now you can click on the waitress’ boobs to drop their tops down including Holly. Might have some other stuff in there also. I want to finish the tutorials and animation replay coding work this weekend.