Small updates

Sorry for not posting updates in a while, I will get to them and reply to the comments hopefully after a bit of sleep.

Finally finished the animations for The Rookie. They are all rendered, and converted, and ready to be imported into the game. All that was the hard part. Adding them into the already existing scenes should be fairly quick editing. Though I do need to create some dialogue for a Phia scene. The struggle to find motivation for these animations was real, because I didn’t really intended to do them at all. But I didn’t want people to feel something was missing from the game. Also as mentioned earlier, these animations are broken down into much smaller parts than usual. 50-60 range instead of the usual 15 or so. So each animation was like 4x the effort and I’m not totally sure if it was worth it or not on top of it taking forever.

pt2 of Jeni game script is done. I suspect there will be 4 or 5 in total. I won’t have this part done until after the Rookie stuff is added.

Got several additional posts to make and will get to them soon.