Umichan Sentoryu hidden camera photos

I noticed that people in general seemed to enjoy the photo taking aspect of previous games like Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc and/or Cheaters. So I also made sure to include a photo system in Umichan Sentoryu as well. This one will work different from both of them but hopefully people will find it uniquely enjoyable.

In this game we are not playing as Maiko. We are instead playing as Jeni’s Uncle Carl, aka Buck. Carl will be able to purchase and place hidden cameras in various locations and will receive photos on his mobile device or computer at regular intervals. However since Carl is not actually there in person to take clear photos, every photo received will not be a usable photo Carl would be able to monetize.

Below are example photos I made of the different kinds of photos Carl can receive. I also plan to have a gallery of these in the game that are worth normal credit and above.

Character can be at different distances from the camera causing it to not focus. photos where characters are partially visible will receive some kind of partial credit.

full/normal credit

no credit / unusable.
unusable could also be a photo of an empty room.

rare double credit, nudity would also have bonus credit.

I’m debating whether or not the cameras can be found and destroyed. At the moment I’m leaning towards not.
Feel free to leave feedback.