Top-Down shooter?? POV game project ideas!

In this post I wanted to go over my ideas for the pov game project. Mostly focusing on combat gameplay.

Looks like we will be going with Maiko for the playable character in the next game possibly called UMAA,Umichan Maiko Agent Academy, which would begin right where UMCH ends.

At the end of UMCH, GemCo agents are locking down the school looking for Jinru aka Jeo because they believe he attacked Lynn. Natan has run off and the school is in disarray. With agents all over the place, Maiko will be getting into combat using the boxing skills she developed in UMCH. However for various reasons like the fight system being flawed and too difficult for some, I wanted to do something else here for combat.

I plan to use Consturct2 to make this game, with the main reason being because it can handle particles and multiple objects like projectiles on screen very well, also it can export directly to multiple platforms and mobile devices without needing browser plugins or worrying about it being blocked on certain browsers, etc.

So with that in mind, I wanted to take advantage of that as much as possible. This, along with the potential for lot of replay ability, and the potential for online multiplayer, brought me to the idea of a top down combat.

It would actually work in two ways, one offensive set up and one defensive set up, as sketched below:
In the image above this text is the defensive setup. The player would be in the center (blue circle) and would be able to rotate and fire projectiles outward towards encroaching enemies (the red circles). There would be several different enemy types depending on the situation. Some enemies would just be multiple automated sentinels programmed to attack purple Khalei. Some would be named characters. I will get into that more later. They light blue circles would be ally characters. Each character would have various abilities they can use to assist the player. with not all of those abilities being attacks.

Below some allies and their abilities I had in mind are below based on lore and their abilities or dialogue scenes from other games. Keep in mind not all characters can fight. Also these are not all of them, just a few so you can get the idea.

Pattie: light melee punch, Cheer – boost attk and def, minor health gain. no ranged attacks
Jeni: heavy melee punch, jeni’s punch knocks enemies back some distance, punch can also stun non-immune targets briefly. no ranged attacks
Luma: cone projectiles, shield auto negates ranged damage periodically for all allies. no melee attacks.
Kyle: no attacks, Camera flash – briefly stun non-mechanical non-immune targets in a cone.
Zytra: Uzi burst projectiles. Magic wish – teleports a nearby enemy back to max distance.
Riley: Khalei blade stab, long range melee damage. damage all targets hit.
Phia: Snipe – Phia’s projectile goes through all targets hit. Seduce – the nearest enemy to phia is converted into a ally and attacks other nearby enemies for limited time.
Arielle – high velocity khalei blast. MLaWs – giant laser extreme damage in a wide range. takes time to charge and can backfire of she takes damage before firing.
Tiffany – Allies Regen life and have a regenerating shield. TT plants proximity bombs randomly on the ground.
Bri – no melee attacks, Hex field – deals constant damage over time to all enemies near her. damages herself and allies for a lesser amount. Brill will fire a high damage projectile that has a chance to instantly kill anything when her or an ally’s life gets low. This temporarily removes her hex field.
Hanah – projectile attacks, projectile damage increased.
Candy – cone projectiles, Candy’s attack slow enemy movement speed.
Roy – projectile attacks, enemies explode on death damaging other nearby enemies.
Sui-May – projectile attacks, strong melee attack. Distract – Sui-May causes all non-immune enemies to take increased damage from all sources.
Linda – increases melee attack speed.
Jaina – ability cooldowns decreased.

again these are just some characters so you get the idea. I plan to have 2 allies and Maiko (maybe up to 3 or 4). so you can imagine some combos from what I listed here.

for example. Arielle does a lot of damage but needs time to charge her weapon. putting her with an ally like Tiffany who can provide a barrier would be a nice pairing. Or even Candy who can slow down enemies, or Kyle who can stun them.

If you have a lot of powerful melee damage for example having Kyle stun them at a distance wouldn’t be all too effective since you want them to get into melee range as fast as possible.

Maiko has her own set of abilities similar to Bri’s hex field when she actives the hairpin.  Hairpin – does damage to all enemies in range and Maiko takes reduced damage and regens life while active. the fields also slows down enemy projectiles.

Depending on her weapons and equipment her basic attacks will differ. I might have it where she can also pick up her own version of abilities from different characters.
below are weapons from Agent trainer that maybe available in this game.

you might also check out the armory.

Rinoga’s GemCo Armory Catalog and ARIA lore

also being defeated in combat will tear you clothes and depending on the fight can trigger a “defeated” animation.

this idea comes from a old flash game called Watch Out Behind Hunter. If people like the top down sex animations idea maybe I can use it more places also where you don’t need to fight to see it. It’s easy to have a big orgy will top down animation like this heh.

The image below represents offensive fights. These are intended to be boss battles where Maiko takes on some boss fight alone.
In fight instead of being in place while enemies advance on you. You can circle around the boss at a set distance to avoid projectiles. The boss maybe also at times dash out to melee attack. There are no adds or additional enemies to defeat in the fight aside from the boss in the middle.

Some boss fight I plan to be training for Maiko. or perhaps to get them as ally for combat. 1-4 below represent boss battle mechanics VS arielle team members.

1. Bri hex field. the player will need to remain in a narrow space where the field is not hitting or take heavy damage over time. the field it rotates randomly clockwise or counter clockwise. If the fight is not won in time bri will one shot the player with a ranged attack.

2. Arielle – ari will charge up massive laser blast that will kill the player if not avoided. Some of Ari’s attacks deal massive damage directly to the player. so some farming of stats to boss heath first will be needed.

3. phia attack repeatedly in a line with fast moving projectile lasers. She will also fire a homing laser or missile. she will also release out hearts that if touched will stun the player in place.

4. Tiffany – TT will fire in a  cone, shotgun style. She will have a regenerating shield and health you will need to be able to get through. a fast attacking weapon would be best to over the regeneration. She will place mines in your path that reduce the move area you have give her cove attack a batter chance to hit you. the mine will one shot you if crossed.

these are just some examples, there will be other strong bosses also. fights like kyle would be easier just a telegraphed flash you need to avoid. Also I plan to have giant sentinel fights. these are canon from games, umichan maiko v2 and the Dark Winter animation.

The image below is the wip art being made to make a some tests of all this stuff

and finally keep in mind, while i think it should be fun, there will be others solutions to resolve issues other than combat. below is a concept i showed ttrop for some pov boob sucking that will allow Maiko to get out of certain situations.

feel free to post thoughts and additional ideas~