Project updates

if you are follow svplay on twitter or on the patreon I made a post about my computer getting the blue screen of death early into the weekend. It was the result of a hard drive failing. I got the drive copied to a new drive and got more ram for the computer also. The next day after that my graphic card fried. so I had to get a new on of those too ><. both the card and the drive were made in 2011 so they were pretty old.


Umichan Sentoryu:
The game is almost done. aside from a few credits, the game just needs music and possibly sound effects now. I might use some music that was in the rookie also. I don’t want to have too much music in here but I want the music to “fit” and be easy to listen to looping.

I plan to have a general song for in the house, and one for in the mall. and one for when Carl is watching h scenes happen. and other for h scene he is a part of. So 4 main songs. And i may or may not add anything else beyond that.

polisummer has mentioned to me that the game almost done but then like a week goes by with no info on it. I don’t know where it is at with specific details.

I have seen the ariel view background of the academy school. It’s looking like it will be pretty awesome. from what I can tell it seems to be ready soon but that is my own speculation based on how far the image is along. I’m not sure how details will be added beyond what I saw.

I also want to have the offensive shooter mode done this month for testing also and make the adjustments to the defensive mode. Also want to get the top down sex scene templates animated.

ttrop has started making high quality art specific to this game.