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Images drawn with cg software

Academy Instructors

figured it might be cool to show the female instructors with some affiliation to GemCo together in a pic.

Umichan Art updates (Cain)

I had ttrop add the beard later. I didn’t even notice it until I made this comparison pic.

Umichan Art updates (Alma)

I plan to edit the face a little. In fact I already did a test edit on the Alma with lingerie. I…

Remi art edits

thanks to all who left feedback in the previous post. ARIA Art updates (Remi comparison) Feedback requested Blow are edits, including picture…

ARIA Art updates (Remi comparison) Feedback requested

which Remi do you prefer? 1. original 2. shoulder area has reduced width 3. shoulder reduced width and hips thinner 4. still…

what coloring style? Feedback requested

in case you don’t know ttrop does the character art for recent games here at svp. I was recently talking to him…

GemCo Rinoga Academy swim team

These are the Academy students that will go up against the Nanako swim team (Maiko,Pattie, etc) in the swimming game I want…

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