January 2, 2024

8 thoughts on “Umichan Art updates (Asugi)

  1. A good interpretation of Asugi. Though I do have 2 suggestions for it.

    1. Could we give him a grin of some sort. I always saw Asugi as a kid who uses the his age to get away with devious things. So I think a slight grin should be added. Something that says, “I’m a kid, and I can get away with a lot of stuff because of it.”
    2. Right now, I feel that Asugi’s Eyelashes are too pronounced. It feels like he has eyeliner on. If we tone that down (Or just get rid of the eyelash part of it like the other guys) then it should be fine.

    1. Thanks, he’ll have the same grin in a different facial expression. possibly the arm doing the peace sign also. Yeah the eyelashes can be toned down.

  2. aside from the wing tip eyes and his super short, short-shorts he actually looks like a guy now. Thumbs Up!

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