September 17, 2023

11 thoughts on “Umichan Art updates (Jay)

  1. Wait…do I have an outdated version of UMCH? I have never seen the this “Old” Version of Jay before! Anyway, I think they’re both alright.

    1. Thanks~ He is one of Kyle’s buddies. In UMCH Jay can appear in the photo club as on of the students who requests a certain type of photo for Maiko to get. He is also meant to be in the videogame club, however I never really got to adding that into UMCH.

      1. I have seen Jay before, but I have only seen Jay holding a camera pose. This Jay regular pose I have never seen before.

      1. Its pretty Formal but at the same time slick and cool and not to nerdy or to over the top:3
        really good job

  2. I really like this design, but I agree with hentaihead. Looks more like the innocent little brother type

    1. Thanks, if jay looks innocent it mean he can be more deceptive. Don’t want to have it totally obvious with him.

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