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ARIA online game brainstorming

From time to time I will dabble in Unity3D, or other 3D stuf. About a week or two ago I picked up…

Amp dazed animation wip

  working on Animations for Jailbreak

Amp Clone defeat animation wip

  working on Animations for Jailbreak

The Rookie quick preview

Hey everybody! It’s jccq89 over here and Vortex00 left me in charge of sharing some quick previews of things that him and…

Small ARIA test game made in construct 2

been learning how to use construct 2. Mainly because with it one can make all kinda of 2D games and have different…

Agent Trainer updated Added “anti-khalei” a type of kahlei that negates khalei. There is no lore behind it but I wanted to test for…

Agent Trainer dialogue thoughts and things on my list to do.

updating Agent Trainer is next of my stuff to do list. but I want to make sure my issues list is not…

ARIA arena shooter

Just a quick little re-skin of some templates I got for construct 2. going to be teaching myself how to use it….

ARIA: The Rookie

updated to include day 2

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