Arielle game description

pre-alpha playable concept demo:
Press R to reload the gun!sV4nEQrK!jGxtKtMMxu7sqLHlorhTSlo7gzF4kYVnsEW12Dj3vXs

I’m planning for this to be a major 3D hentai game project. I have most of the logistics worked out from just working on this while taking a break from other stuff. so below will be a detailed explanation of what I actually plan to do with this game, based on what I have shown I am capable of doing.

In this game will play as the now rogue special agent Arielle and the game will be a 3D 3rd person game with hentai, 3rd person shooting, space combat and platforming with puzzle elements.

The story:
The story is based some time after ARIA and ARIO. Ari and Jeo planned an attack on Natan without getting Bri, Phia or Tiffany involved. However the attack on Natan failed, he barely escaped and he managed to inject Jeo with a chemical that worsens his condition. Jeo is now more or less in a constant state of partial consciousness. Ari’s sex with Jeo is having diminishing returns revitalizing his energy. Arielle wants to find a cure for his condition but learns that research on this has stopped since GemCo is no longer making super Khalei infused agents since they are difficult to put down should they decide to rebel. Arielle gets intel from Tiffany that the research was actually completed but the data was top secret. Ari needs to get the data from various abandoned GemCo facilities that are guarded by automated defenses.


The main story for this game will be mostly third person shooting and platforming. Arielle will be able to do different activities from a central hub.

1. a terminal where story missions will be started. More of the main story unlock either based on how much research info Ari has or just in liner order. You will be able to go back and play previous missions. The main story wont be super long but it should feel complete. I want the game to focus on gameplay and hentai over long single player story.

2. a terminal to begin various platformer levels. These are similar and based on the ship raids in ARIA to blow up the ship. there will be platforms to jump up to, jump down to, elevators to activate, doors to open, some enemies to defeat, and hopefully in general just fun to figure out how to clear each level. I plan to have tons of these levels. I want to also have leaderboards for the time you completed it, but I’m not totally sure it will have a leaderboard yet.

3. Jeo will be there either laying on some for of medical bed or sitting in a chair or some kind. You can view unlocked sex animations with Jeo here that get unlocked from the main story and side missions. Something I’m not sure about but want to have is after you beat the main game having sex with Jeo here will give him energy to become playable for the next area you go to. I will try to have some animations be based on how they were in previous ARIA games.

4. a terminal to save and load the game and enter passwords and such. Also whatever settings and menu type stuff.

5. a terminal for upgrades. As Ari gains data from completing main story and side missions she can buy upgrades. animations, better weapons and hit points to name a few things.

6. a terminal for horde mode arenas. these area don’t have any platforming. it is just survival arenas where you fight off waves of various enemies, I plan to have a lot of challenging stuff here also where you will likely need upgrades to complete it. you can replay the same area to get research info. There is a nice kit I have been looking at that can do wave of enemies very well. or it is at least advertised that way heh.

7 (the spaceship) Ari can begin various space battle fights here. The space combat is a but hard to control as it is currently. I think once i make a way to rotate the ship right side up manually, it will be fine. stuff here will be like the 2D version where you fight around some number of nodes. There will be various planted and stuff in the background. you will also need to watch out for asteroids on some levels. Some levels will also have turrets that shoot at you. this side mission will give research also.

proof of concept (the demo):
In this section I want to explain where you can find the various idea mentioned in this post in the demo. This is also something of a walkthrough I guess.
When the stage begins have a look at the top right coner for the controls. You will also need to press R to reload after getting more ammo.

The idea in the first area is to get to the ship and travel to the next area. it represents a basic example of a puzzle element of the game. the capsule closest to you represents a terminal that has a password for the door terminal. Even if you replay this area and know the password, Ari still needs to learn it again. There capsule in the back corner of the level represents a terminal in the hub area mentioned earlier.

as you can see there you can use this to warp to different levels on the game. There currently is a bug here where if you X out you can no longer interact with any more terminals. In the main game the next level will unlock after completing the current one.

Where Ari learns password and uses it at the door the door will open allowing her to get to the ship. A level in the actual game would have multiple doors and platform to get to the password terminals. there will be various way to get past different doors including simply shooting them open. Also there some will be guarded by enemies. other times getting to the door might be easy but finding ammo might be tricky, etc. all kinds of stuff.

The demo area is built from basic shapes just as an example of going up ramp and you can walk on the walls. Just example of platforming stuff. In the game Ari will be able to jump higher and i will try to make her float while holding down jump. This will allow for more complex level designs.

I fixed the laser sight issue from the previous demo. Hitting enemies in certain locations will be the best way to damage them. Knowing or finding out where to shoot enemies will be important in the game. I’m not sure if I want Arielle to be able to melee or not.

A and C:
An example of enemy types. I don’t plan to have any “human” enemies. they will be robot/androids of some kind since the GemCo labs are abandoned. If i do it wont be many. maybe a Male enemy agent like the shield guy at the end of the demo. On the sentinels the blue area will be highly resistant and you will need to target the red area the eye. Each enemy will have one or more weak-points. C represents a slime girl similar to Goo from ARIA. They will trap Ari and likely end the level if captured. it will show an animation of Ari being molested by the slime.

B. this represents how terminal might look in the game. they definitely wont be capsules/pills

This is some of the area assets I have looking at using. I want the levels to be kind of dark and cool looking. also i will have certain parts of Ari armor glowing that will look cool here.
Ari will have ally sentinel optional where it can provide tips and a light. She can also have a light on her gun.


from other small unity3d demos games I made like Umichan 3D it shows I can import assets from MMD into unity. Combining importing with all this in the demo I’m pretty sure I have everything I need to make this game~ feel free to post thoughts.