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ARIA related stuff

Agent Trainer dialogue thoughts and things on my list to do.

updating Agent Trainer is next of my stuff to do list. but I want to make sure my issues list is not…

ARIA arena shooter

Just a quick little re-skin of some templates I got for construct 2. going to be teaching myself how to use it….

ARIA: The Rookie

updated to include day 2

TheRookie sex animation wip

  Day 2 or preparing art for the Rookie. hopefully I can start building the second day and perhaps even finish today,…

TheRookie boob jiggle animation wip

  Literal sun up to sun down editing and preparing art for The Rookie game update that will have the next day…

GemCo rebels

Amplitude and her sisters Wave and Tempo. Their names are related to music if you didn’t notice. While working at GemCo Amp…

Agent Trainer updates

updated agent trainer with some updates: stats for all agents are now saved to the server, so you can train multiple agents….

Agent Trainer test is back up

agent trainer player vs player test is back up stats and items should be the same, money may or may not be…

Thoughts and Analysis: Online multiplayer interactive browser games

yesterday I had a epiphany I wanted to share with people who why browser games might be the way they are. I’m…

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