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journey of the legendary crystal khalei

JLCK timeline and outline, contains spoilers!

As you may or may not know, mostly all of my games are part of a overall larger story. Umichan, ARIA, and…

small VN updates

in my previous updates post I mentioned small VN game remakes. Still need Tempo to make Daughter of Eve, I am close…

Semitix novel to VN

ttrop is done with art for a lot of stuff so while I catch up on stuff ttrop is working on art…

Tasha in MMD + motion previews

Made Tasha in MMD. When I get time I will update the wiki more. made a small entry for now

no image

small updates

ARIA: trying to finish the Arielle picture today. It will be a milestone to have basic character art for the main girls…

no image

The Semitix

This is a short story novel with some erotic stuff in it kind of. I’m sure it has a few typos. It…

Ralamar Crystal Hunter playthrough

Crystal Hunter describes the events before Semitix where Donavik and Samantha get to know each other, created back in 2002.

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CSG from 2012

I would suggest taking a moment to watch this video If you want a quick run down of the history/story behind some…

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Annie model wip

Annie is basically done. Just need to fix the eyebrow color. I forgot about it. The necklace took some time to get…

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