January 1, 2024

18 thoughts on “All about Khalei

  1. Annie is a Light Khalei user, then?
    I say this ’cause I reminded that scene from Savori’s route, if failing to help.

    1. she doesn’t use light khalei, but has the potential to learn it.
      in reference to the savori storyline she is talking about time travel.

      The priestess order Annie is part of teaches them how to use light Khalei at a extreme risk.
      Some priestess who try to learn to use it actually don’t survive.

      However Annie never went through the process of leaning it since she left to help Donavik separate himself from the seimitx.

      in Semitix related story stuff, I talk about this “white world” that is between dimensions and is full of demons making it extremely dangerous to stay there any length of time. But that place has light khalei particles.

      Annie is not aware that that is where light Khalei particles are the many times she finds herself there.

  2. Yay lore~ But also, more questions are brought up.

    Are there any individuals that are able to expertly manipulate all [safe] versions of khalei, or are there only specialists? Are the people who possess these “light particles” the “mages” you mentioned existing in your story (aka, what Zytra and Leyah have been stated to be)? Is Annie a Cia created from the “death” of [insert name of Semitix character that I cannot remember but I know she’s blonde]? Since the remedy is ejaculation, does that mean only males can experience storage overflow or did you just mean that an orgasm is a remedy? From what I know about stars in the real world (Blue->White->Yellow->Red, and lots of shit about fusion within the star) does the type of khalei within a star change based on its age?

    Gah! So many questions! Why must I be so damned inquisitive???

    1. The priestess order annie is part of uses light khalei at the risk of being consumed by demons. I explained it a little more more in the reply above.

      Zytra and leyah do not use light khalei. Keep in mind that leyah is under the effects of low levels of khalei degeneration. so if she had dormant light khalei it would reverse that effect, or she wouldn’t have degeneration from purple khalei to begin with.

      when Zytra wishes it enough, she unknowingly uses Khaleikinesis to move/teleport items around to where she wants them to be. yeah it is because her and leyah are descendants of a line of ancient mages. A character named Ginger will show up later and recognize the lineage Zytra is from immediately and kinda let her know shat is is capable of.

      there are ancient mages that mastered time travel so they still exist. and can manipulate all off the khalei and more. They do this by granting people with khalei abilities, then come back to steal them later after the host specializes in it over time. so generally evil mages. Chris and his sister accepts gifts from said mage(s) later on in the story.

      yeah Samantha has a Cia in her. and Annie is anomaly created from that using Samantha’s emotions. iirc i don’t think any of them died.

      to reduce khalei storage overflow is strong orgasm in general.

      Stars in this universe do not changed based on age. they don’t turn into black holes, etc.

      1. Thank you for the elaboration!

        I did not remember Leyah was under khalei degeneration effects; I always associate the condition to Dizzy. I used the term “death” because from what I remember Samantha ends up in a form of stasis similar to Annie Leonhart’s (considering Samantha makes your Annie this way, that’s a weird coincidence) from Attack on Titan where she is in an inactive state and it is uncertain if she can be recovered from it. But Sam DOES recover from yours, I think. I could never get through Semitix.

        1. yeah both Leyah dizzy have it. Leyah is much less severe though. I haven’t seen even a full episode on attack on titian so I can’t comment on it. iirc Annie comes into play well before Sam fully freezes. it’s also important to know that Sam swallowed a blue khalei crystal prior to the events in semitix. Yeah I definitely would like to make it into some other media format at some point.

  3. Wow a detailed explanation about khalei..I’m just curious about the red one though since it says it enables the user to move at very high speeds..this is a bit stupid but can users of red khalei keep up with the likes of base form Goku(DBS) in a hyper speed combat? Sorry just curious and sorry if it looks stupid to you vortex.

    1. Making comparisons with DB?
      And the super version on top of that? Why would you do that? The powerlevels are so freaking broken that nothing make sense anymore.

    2. I can try to compare. However I haven’t seen DBS but I have seen the old school DBZ stuff. Before they start going super saiyan, a red special agent that’s phia level or better would be able to dodge the fast punches and kicks and avoid instant transmission attacks. probably even deal with kaioken. Arielle’s mini MLaWs weapon she carries would match a kamehameha beam.

      1. Seriously?
        You know a normal sayan (not the blond version) like Vegeta when he came to earth the first time, can single handedly destroy a planet right?
        Is this the amount of power that an average special agent can output/deal with?

        1. not really trying to get into absurdities of what they can do after charging up lots of power or whatever heh.

          1. though saiyans are known to change power levels at an instant..especially in DBS..and everyone is saying its whack just because the Super Saiyan Blue is being used against weaker enemies..though if goku is engaged against team arielle and he only likes to disable them temporarily without accidentally killing them..Blue form is recommended because of perfect ki control allowing goku to lower his power level beyond his base form’s normal range..and the god ki will protect him from saboteur khalei

            I don’t really intend to start a word war just wanted to know your opinion..i just used DB as a comparison since it’s famous for high speed brawls. Thanks Vortex.

    1. Thanks, I think the next one will be a better armory post that explains a lot of the weapons and devices, etc.

  4. Hmm..talking about Zytra and the lineage, I just imagined something:
    Accidentally knocking Joey unconscious (first manifestation of Kinesis).
    And if lucky, burying Ace (wishing hard enough, using her hatred to fuel it. Like, making a building come down on top of him?)

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