UMCH updates

I have just finished the first part of the main quest into scene (the first part of the first part). I needed…

Project Updates

Decided to make a post about all the various things going on the past month that people may or may not realize….

MMD bonus videos

MMD: Daddy MMD: I don’t like it, I love it

MMD: Hybrid v3

has a lot of flashing effects mirror:

Writing and research

Just wanted to post some progress. I normally try to get updates out within the first complete week but I didn’t make…

small updates

Patreon: Will kick off the nominations for voting soon. updates to the distribution area will happen this this weekend hopefully starting today….

UMCH quests, what to expect

I have the animations done for UMCH main story quest stuff. It is 4 different animations each with variations. 2 at the…

small updates for UMCH stuff

Just a small update. starting yesterday I have been working on UMCH stuff. I wanted to updated the art for Umichan Wild…


SVP: For those interested in SPV Girls I and trying to get SVP tank tops out to the girls in the videos….

Are you ok with Remi? Feedback requested

please vote if you are ok with remi (a futa character) being my the games I am actually under the impress a…

MMD: Zytra 3D hentai animation

A small 3D hentai animation featuring Zytra. The dude just a random guy for the animation but it could easily be Greel…

SVPG: Down in the DM

for more:

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