Disharmonica SVP Girl cosplay

Helly von Valentine aka Disharmonica in a photo gallery featuring SpiralVortexPlay clothing. Disharmonica is a cosplayer, erocosplayer and photo model from Russia….

UMCH Savor the Moment quest details

I finished writing the rough draft of the Savor the Moment quest for UMCH. which is a milestone that allows me to…

small UMCH updates, Maiko tablet selfies and photos

Unlike in UMCC, in UMCH you can’t manually take photos on the tablet this time around. However in spirit of UMCC Maiko…

MMD: Cold Water

mirror: tried to play with water effects a bit.

MMD: All the way up

mirror: had to get the neko headphones for Leyah heh.

MMD: Bubble Butt

mirror: Nothing much to say here this video came out exactly the way I intended. lyrics at the end tho… “put…

MMD: Base Down Low v2

mirror: remake of this video

MMD: Worth It

mirror: I managed to edit a magical kitty themed tank top. Also the person who made this motion had the model…

MMD: Something New

mirror: was trying to do something new literally with the lighting but spotlight effect messes up skin shaders. So it is…

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