ARIA 3D Online ideas

After several days of racking my brain over issues I was having getting AI to work over multiplayer using a server. I finally got it working this morning. This is 1 of 2 major milestones I needed to accomplish to get a persistent online hentai game going.

basically the problem was the AI worked fine if the game was hosted by a user/player. but if hosted by a dedicated server the AI would not function correctly. Turns out I needed to add the enemy object to the instance of the sever menu screen… I’m not even sure why I tired that but I didn’t have any other ideas left. But it actually worked to it is all good.

Next I will need to save and load a few variables to a database to people can keep their earned stats. After that I think it will be ready for open testing.

for this ARIA I wanted to have a few stages. one is just open area where you can shoot a few sentinels to disable them them gain some exp. it is basically a hub it is all pve you can damage palyer but it leads to sex like the Umichan online game.
others would be a ffa pvp stage and team pvp stage, and the last room would be a pve boss battle, something like a dungeon run or raid, probably will need 5+ people to do it. basically a giant sentinel with multiple turrets on it that maybe will scale in difficulty. the turrets shoot the closest player it is near, and it should have its main laser that needs to be avoided completely. it will also have adds and spawn adds during the fight. should be fun.

I also plan to have 3 “classes” based on what color Khalei you chose. you can also switch

shield prevents damage from up to X hits
regen HP slowly as long as shield still has counters.

character moves a little faster
lasers are smaller but travel faster and less duration between shots.

lasers do a lot of damage and are larger

deals direct HP damage and slows enemy speed if they enter a certain radius of you.

feel free to leave feedback