January 3, 2024

16 thoughts on “small UMCH updates, Maiko tablet selfies and photos

  1. Nice touch selfie now that is an idea! Also random picks of what just happen like Kyle getting slap or is getting choke in the girls locker room by Savori. So Maiko is flashing her tits in a selfie.

    1. Thanks, it wouldn’t be pics of kyle getting attacked it would be all of his pervert pics he takes in the locker room. I just need to communicate to players that Kyle takes lot of pervert pics while hiding in the girls locker room. And creepy perverted stuff like that is why a lot of girls don’t really like him. All this helps explain the character mo betta.

  2. I thought at some point it was discussed that the locker room pics would be mostly ecchi but included as part of the Savor the Moment quest. Also there was an idea of Chris setting up a website for Maiko where she could sell pics depending on how Savor the Moment was played. Was kinda looking forward to this šŸ™

    Either way, the tablet backgrounds are a nice addition. I spend a lot of time on it for cafe stuff so it’ll be nice to have something to look at while checking stats.

    1. Yes the locker room pics are all ecchi and included as part of the savor the moment quest. I probably wont have the website but I was thinking about having certain BG characters either around various places and/or in the publishing club have a camera icons where maiko can get money for having a certain type of photo. I need to finish writing the quest to have better idea about it. I just want to have alternatives to working the cafe.

    1. The updates to the game are monthly. This month it happens to be two updates this month.

      This posts describes only part of the things that will be added in the second update this month.
      other stuff is mentioned here:

      and this is on top of a update posted already this month that induces Luma’s sister Stacy and more.

      Keep in mind that I do the coding, writing, prepping stuff to be added into the game, and animation. I can’t generate very meaningful updates in only the short span of a week when doing all of those tasks myself.

  3. Thats awesome man, i like these small unlockables and stuff to look forward to, heh. Its something I will try to have completed on my save šŸ˜€

  4. I really like the photos mechanics in UMCC and I’m a little sorry that has not been repeated in UMCH but this addition seems to be really good.

    I hope there is a way to look at the anlocked photos.

  5. working on finishing the rough draft of the savor the moment quest today. I’m almost done so hopefully will finish today and make a post about it.

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