MMD: Ready For It+

  remake~! MMD: Ready For It

Umichan Sentoryu updates

still working on sound. it’s taking a while because I decided to add in various sound effects also. Some are cheesy goofy…

MMD: Me Myself and I+

  remake MMD: Me Myself and I

no image

Project updates

if you are follow svplay on twitter or on the patreon I made a post about my computer getting the blue screen…

Top-down shooter updates~

As you many have seen the prototype posted here: UMAA pre-alpha prototype I went with a half circle instead of a full…

UMAA custom backgrounds in the works

In past Umichan games I used royalty free backgrounds, but those don’t have a top down view I would need for the…

UMAA pre-alpha prototype

I wanted to make some downloads for a pov umichan game made in construct 2. It has a been a bit tricky…

MMD: IF (wip)

motion trace

small project updates!

below are images from testing the defense combat. So far I have game logic for the player Maiko. Also logic for multiple…

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