Tyranobuilder smooth animation test

The recent VNs I have been making have all been using tyranobuilder. However I have have been using .gif format animation which have a set fps of 12. To make a gif animation go slower or faster you simply add or remove frames.

below are tests of using a 30 frame spritesheet vs .gif format. It is not fully tested but hopefully would allow me to making all the animations in the games like the rookie and Sentoryu smooth.

let me know if you think it is worth going back and making these animation smooth. I’ll probably do this for anything I plan to put on steam. There is also a little lag I noticed because the smooth animation image is not preloaded. but I have a solution for that I think.

windows – https://mega.nz/#!sdQikCwQ!-BRei6t1zze3DyfskmSnATa2KiHzP69kdfTeC3PUwTs
mac – https://mega.nz/#!hMI0lCia!2qUlCN31RYC7dT9uTelkcXK2BXCEjJ5w9QofP7cKo4I
android – https://mega.nz/#!JAB0lQhD!VBvnRci5_eVJjVd3cXMBwxXYBCBX0WwN1EEFEpi2yaE
browser – http://spiralvortexplay.com/vntest/