January 1, 2024

8 thoughts on “Holly x Mira animation wip

  1. Ok, you might have to have mira come out as bi or pan at some point, all but three animations are her with a guy (kyle, carl, and others in her past) and the two of the other three are from the samee scene just different genitels (the text game girl and remi) i got the reasoning behind doing it once but now its becoming a weee bit homophobic (which i am probably going to get hate for), i know this sounds like im angry but im not, i just dont like to see characters chimed as lesbian but are infact something else. sorry for rambeling, im sure you have lots of work you are doing, from your freindly neighbourhood lesbian.

    1. No worries I encourage feedback of all sorts. And a assessment of the character is nothing to get hate about. I should probably mention this disclaimer thoguh:

      This character pairing was selected via a nomination and voting process I hold on patreon. The patrons manually write in what characters and positions they want to see them in and vote on them.There are no rules on the character or positions. I really try to have a hands free approach to this Only steeping in if I feel it will make me nauseous or might get me into legal trouble.

      iirc all the animations of her with a male are with Carl. The guy she has a soft spot for when it comes to this. I don’t remember animating her with Kyle or any other males. You might be getting her mixed up with Holly? Correct me if I am wrong because I am just going off memory here.

      I should also mention that I am at least familiar with the feeling you express here. some of the character pairings (not created yet but are in the recent nomination pool) are really hard for me to wrap my head around.

      However I try to remember that all of the pairings that don’t seem to make sense to me are intended to be non-canon. The idea is that people can still nominate and vote on character H animations that I wouldn’t do because it is heavily out-of-character or because the lore of the story doesn’t allow for it. Some seem so far of to me that i just make them into dream sequences.

      I also realized you were the one asking about characters. Go ahead post your idea in the character concepts forum and I’ll check it out.

      1. Thanks for the explanation, i still feel its weird to have mira have a soft spot for carl in canon, to many of my fellow Lez’s if you identify as a lesbian you do not have any sexual or romantic relations with a person who identifies as a man, under any circumstances (sound like its imposed like a rule or a stigma but its actually how most physicly feel towards men, its like the beggining stages of nausea if anyone wished to know). im pretty sure kyle was one of two or three sex options in the mira short game created by wilson the green, and i was referencing the other dudes that she mentions in sentoryu. i would love to put up a character concept but trying to come up with the details is quite difficult 🙂 i admire those who can do it just like that!

    2. I would like to expand more on her character later on in that kind of way but she isn’t that major in the games so there’s a limit to how much can be explored in a given time.

      And Vortex is correct, this was a fan requested animation. Originally she was created so the fans of yuri could have more canon characters to have scenes with but those that like yuri seem more interested in yuri scenes with straight girls like Jeni/Luma/etc. So there haven’t been many requests for girl/girl with Mira. However there have been some requests of Mira with guys so that’s why there are some scenes with her and guys.

      Also, not to nitpick but some of the scenes you mentioned aren’t mandatory and others are non canon. Ex: the only scene with her and Kyle isn’t mandatory at all to complete that game. It’s up to the player to decide if they’d like to do it that way and even if you chose to do it, there’s no attraction on Mira’s part, its a favor to get something in return. And The only scene with Mira and Remi I recall is part of the “not canon” ending in that game.

      Tldr: she’s most likely going to be developed to identify less as a lesbian and more as bi due to fan interests and other factors. However she’s not a major character so itll take a while for that development to properly appear in a game

      1. I know that the scene is optional and that theres alot of non canon stuff, however the choice being there in the first place rejects the lesbian idea in the first place, its not purely about feelings its physicality as well, if you, while identifying as a lesbian at the time, have sex with a man, you are not a lesbian, it doesnt take away from the character to identify as something else, there isnt a levelling system in place. also they may be a side character but they are still a character, and i wouldnt say that they were a saide character at all, they are extremly important to the sentoryu and you may not think that the mira game is canon but it still feels like is, dont put yourself and your hard work down like that. as for the non-canon stuff, yeah i know its non canon and i loved the remi ending, it was funny and looked great! i think that the public wanting for the straight girls to do other staright girls instead of having a character to siphon those ideas isnt your fault its democracy and thats how things go, you can develope your character around that now and evolve them into something that has a deeper story and personallity. i do hope that the both of you keep working on Mira and any ither characters you have come up with because she is such a fun character, my original comment was to inform not to hate or judge ye guilty of hate, i just wanted to express and inform you of the general feelings and consesnsus of an irl lesbian when it comes to the character and their development. sorry that i have offended you.

        1. No offense was taken, I just wanted to try and explain why things are the way they are. I’m glad that people enjoy her as a character. I like her a lot and would like to work as much with her as I can. 😀

          Remember if you want to get a scene into any of the games you can suggest them on the patreon. If something gets voted in it has to get put in somewhere :p

          1. im glad you are not offended, i do some writing and get very… enthuisiastic about characters and their details, sometimes even other peoples characters.
            Suggestion: Maybe having Mira get some reflection on herself by bouncing her way of looking at the world against say… another character who is a lesbian (deffinetly not a plug for the character ive put in the character concepts page) and making a short story to deepen the characters development as well as delving into her history of how she came to where she is now? it might be a fun excercise to help with future potrayals of Mira as a whole with more background. also this is merely a humble suggestion, not trying to tread on your toes, i am finding this quite fun. 🙂

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