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Umichan Art updates (Maiko)

Please posts thoughts

Umichan pattern match minigame remake(ish) test

back in this post… http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/2017/03/05/your-favorite-feedback-requested/ I took a polling to see what people liked the most as a guide for what to…

MMD which face do you like more?

which face do you like more? vote at the link below the comparison reference is in the video. http://www.strawpoll.me/12626755 for any other…

umichan 360 adventure app test

learned about a product called pano2vr and tried to make some umichan stuff with it. It didn’t turn out as well as…

HS testing out recordings

more testing. kinda crappy but figured I might as well post it. on all three of these I forgot to turn up…

HS: Lips Are Moving

  Testing mmd motions in honey select. But the studio where you can run mmd motions is actuality kind of trash heh….

Honey Select Maiko and Zytra

wanted to try making some videos with honey select but needed to make some of the characters first still working on them….

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