January 2, 2024

7 thoughts on “ARIA Project: Maiko

  1. Is it me or I’m seeing freckles? Ps: The background pose white dots on face. Also, I’m in love! Seems she got a brand new style (and attitude) with that look.
    Her hair is ginger or still peachy toned?

    1. There hair is more ginger here. Yeah the artist has gotten really good at coloring skin. those are not freckles, it’s just how he colors. you can see all the different colors when you see the full size image. Glad you like it~

  2. Oh, i wanted to see Maiko drawn by this guy.
    She feel very weird with this drawing style. Look like a completely different character.

    1. yeah she is meant to be older and more … not really confident but more worldly. She has experienced a lot of things and is really skilled by this point in the story.

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