January 1, 2024

21 thoughts on “New Character: Percival

  1. I like the futa idea, and keeping the pose makes it pretty obvious it’s Percival and not the actual character

    1. That particular image was just a test motion. I have a mmd tier on my patreon now where you will be able to find that motion used later.

  2. I don’t really like futa/traps.
    I guess is ok until is not gonna turn into sausage on sausage action. I just hope that from now on more and more “girls” aren’t gonna growing dicks.
    I don’t care of “i was born a girl until some khalei shit gave me a dick”. If something with a dick, fuck something with a dick, this is two dudes gay fucking for me.

        1. This character will have some scenes. And I think The Rookie will have a ending option with Remi sometime later. I also plan to dabble with futa in my mmd stuff later.

  3. Love him already! ^o^ By far the most Attractive Male Character you have in your games so far! ^o^ 🙂 Can’t wait to see him in ” Action ” if you know what i mean… :3 ^_^

    Crossdressing Boys seem to be becoming more and more Popular even Atlus added one as a Love Interest to Catherine! ^_^ :3

    They planned on having him all along too apparently but decided against it but now the Director of the game said he feels the World is more accepting of it so they added him to the game… :3

  4. Skirt bulges? Yes yes yes!!

    I’d love to see some male characters get confused and fuck him. That’d be super hot.

  5. He’s one great Doppelgänger!
    I’d say to pay attention to the eyes would break the spell, Maiko’s are pronounced while his eyes are downturned (Ok, bear with me. I’m not 100% with anatomy, shapes and such).

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