Project Updates: UMCH sequel

This will be a kind of big post so I will try to be brief and the point with stuff.

Previously UMAA, Umichan Maiko Agent Academy was the working name for the UMCH sequel, but this will now be a smaller game that just sticks to the top down shooting mechanic and will only tell a minimal portion of the UMCH sequel story. Sex scenes in that game will use top down animations and image sequences. Any big animations made for this will go into Umichan Umiya

The Umichan Umiya game, which was originally slated to be a small remake of the Female Rivalries part of UMCH will now be the current working name for the UMCH sequel until a official name is decided. Based on polling GIF is clearly the most preferred animation style, so I plan to use the tyranobulder engine again for this UMCH sequel.

Reasons include:
I am most familiar with it over other engines I am looking at (not inducing flash)
The engine can handle a large amount of gifs (In one previous tryranobuilder project I use 140+ gif loops with no indication I will have an issue doubling or tripling that amount)
I have already been testing certain gameplay elements in previous game such as Sorani, and Futa fantasy.

The UMCH sequel begins a few days after where UMCH and the Rookie end. Alma has made a request that Maiko undergo agent training for her own safety. And Maiko’s primary goal in the game is to reach full Special Agent status but beating other agent in combat classes, and by performing missions. Along the way Maiko will see the results of events from previous games. You will have an opportunity to select what happened from previous game as you go along. Or select from various templates.

The phone will act as the tablet in UMCH. It will display various information. Currently I also plan to have it act as the way to travel between different areas. This will be very similar to traveling in Umichan Sentoryu and Umichan Sorani.

I don’t plan to have too many areas the player will need to travel to. If you think of UMCH/CC, the areas where the the player started main story events were basically just the School and the Mall/Cafe.

areas planned for the game currently are:
The GemCo Academy
City (links to all other areas listed here but has a few of it’s own areas also)
Holly House
Alma House
Albert House
??? House

Each area as at max 10 sub areas in them. for example a house will have a living room, bed rooms. And the mall has the different stores, etc.

In Umichan Sentoryu I liked being able to create different types of H-scenes and dialogue situations inside the home. In this game, Maiko will have various houses she can live at. They each have pros and cos.

Holly’s House – Maiko won’t have a room to herself and will share a room with Jeni by default. Both David and Carl prevent guys from coming to visit Maiko. There is also a lot of conflict in the House as Jeni often clashes with David and Carl.
Alma House – Since Alma initially lives alone it is much more peaceful here. Maiko can bond with Alma. Alma doesn’t allow certain bully type characters to visit Maiko such as David or Joiry.

certain character’s may move in or visit Maiko based on what house she lives in and decisions made in the game. There is a least 4 houses planned currently.

The process of undergoing special agent training is not free, the Rinoga’s GemCo Agent Academy has operational costs, GemCo tech cost money to make, and that money will need to come from somewhere. At the start of the game, Albert (Savori dad and the Bookstore owner) has offered to be Maiko’s sponsor. During the game Maiko will be able to switch to a different sponsor or accumulate money herself.

Like in UMCH Maiko will again be able to work in the cafe to earn money. I also plan to have a grocery store also. By having a sponsor Maiko would not need a job to make her own money.

I plan to have two main minigames here. One is the pattern match from Futa Fantasy. The other is a combat minigame that relies on stats.

Similar to the Rookie. Maiko will be assigned to small team comprising of Vux, Candy and a new guy named Paul. Vux and Candy can be found in Splashing Surprise and appear at time in the Rookie. They are also Character in Agent Trainer. I’m not yet sure who Maiko’s trainer will be. in the Rookie it was Yui. Here it could be Kim or Sui-May. there are characters found in the old ARIA flash game.

I think it is is for now. Currently I am sorting out story details, the different locations, this combat minigame, and working with ttrop so he can make the different h scenes.
below are various wip screenshots.