January 1, 2024

36 thoughts on “Project Updates: UMCH sequel

  1. Yay~ Main story games always interest me. Since Kim seems to be working security at the mall, I don’t think she’d have time for training recruits. Plus Sui-May is the kama sutra chick, so more sex opportunities there. It’d be nice to see a little bit of both of them though.

    1. I was leaning more towards Kim actually heh. But nothing is set in stone yet. Yui can be found the Mall also if zytra gets arrested.

    1. Remi is in this game. but will mention again, if you are only interested in futa. I’m really not the person to go to for that.

      1. I’m gonna come out and say that I actually like Remi as a character, not just because she’s a futa. So now you can be sure there’s someone out here who likes her for more than her body.

        1. Thanks, I replied this way because I know this particular person, at least to me, just seems to be interested in futa.

  2. Imagine have the option to go to rookie’s house and then luma is there. The memes are infinite as universe

  3. Glad to hear that the gif Animation is staying for the sequel!

    Will the cafe mini games be making a return?

    1. Also, would be nice if one of the houses have a pool. The women in bikinis would be nice. Also maybe having a party where they skinny dip.

    2. the matching game? not sure on that yet.
      I did think about pools at the houses. and it even needs to be sorted out for the academy. you can expect to see some pool stuff in this game.

    1. I’m not sure how soon, but I want to make the 3d Arielle game and the top down shooter. I might set up something where wilson can perhaps hake short term games when i’m working on long term games.

      1. That would be great. Even if it would be like minigames with one scene or some cgs as rewards released on a weekly or monthly base. Just so we don’t have to wait multiple months for big updates while we don’t get anything in the meantime. Of course it’s your decision and I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that I appreciate and await every single piece of content you release. I know it takes some time to design a whole game. Keep up the good work.

        1. Many thanks, I usually release stuff monthly with H scenes either way, be it long term or short term projects.

  4. Whoops… took me a while to be able to comment, I hope one of the houses available is Kyle’s or Luma’s and this time my opinion is not entirely because of erotic action potential but because with Kyle for better or worse is one of Maiko’s best male friends (and I always want more Kyle content) while with Luma I really want to see a softer side of her that could be friendlier to Maiko.

    1. I have some images that could be for their rooms, but not enough for the whole house. The other thing to keep in mind is I want to show at least one family member so that would mean making for characters. So I’m not sure if I will do that.

      1. Do, you have family members planned for them? I mean like you already though of the family members and were thinking of bringing them in at some point? Would they add to the characters? If not couldn’t it just be that they live alone in apartment or small house? Their parents live in a different place.

        That way you don’t have to include a character you never though of, and still have them have their own living areas.

        Though this is up to you, just wanted to give you a suggestion in case it might help you think of something.

        1. It’s in the post but, characters like Kyle and Luma can visit the house where Maiko is, just likely not the other way around. It’s not set in stone. But that’s where I am right now. I don’t plan to add any new characters to be parents and/or family members in this game. I have thought of some of their general personalities but not appearances. Also sorry for the late reply.

      2. To be honest I was kinda expecting that as much as it pains me, for Kyle I had hopes because in my mind he seems like a guy whose parents send to live alone and throw money to keep out of their bussiness (photography is an expensive hobby and he does not seem like someone who gets discipline). For Luma it gets tricky as i really can’t picture what kind of parents she could have, with as much info as I can remember probably a submissive or absent mother and/or a womanizer cheating father, Luma tries to act tough to avoid become her mom while she’s trapped in a relationship with Joiry.

        All in all Im really curious now for whose house could be then and hope to see this in the future thanks for answering and keep the great job.

        1. Keep in mind that Kyle and Luma can visit Maiko, just not the reverse, I don’t have materials for it, including backgrounds and characters nor any dialogue. I want to really stay focused to my original plan, at least in these early stages, and not add a lot of additional work before I get through the bulk of it.

  5. Among the options you’ve listed, Alma’s place seems to be the most appealing so far. Holly’s place would be alright, were it not for the presence of that shithead David. Who apparently has a problem with other guys showing up, which would really put on a damper on Maiko’s relationship with Greel. Plus, I dunno how involved Maiko should really get in the family dysfunctions. If Alma apparently is okay with guys visiting as long as they aren’t bullies, that’s fine with me. Plus, her and Maiko bonding sounds like an opportunity for heartwarming. As for Albert… well, you didn’t say how that would work, but it sounds a bad idea from a mile away considering it’s ALBERT. That guy should be rotting in a cell. (Speaking of which, I’m hoping to either get Maiko her own money, or get someone else as a sponsor.) Wonder what the fourth choice would be. If I could choose (which I know I can’t), I’d like it to be the Rookie’s place. Could be a good way of continuing his story. Alternatively, Riley, Pattie, Kyle. or Zytra/Leyah’s places could be fun choices.

    1. Well I can say that one of those places you listed as the 4th is correct. Each house will have pros and cons and affect the story. And yes Maiko will be able to change sponsors and/or get her own money.

  6. I second Kyle being a home option, as he and Maiko are already very close (I always play them as friends with benefits). More Kyle content is always welcome. While I don’t think he could be a full sponsor, Kyle definitely could help Maiko make cash herself. Sexy photoshoots or maybe camshows (solo action or with Kyle/a female friend like Pattie?) In any case, I am super excited for this project regardless.

    1. Many thanks. at the moment I’m not convinced Kyle needs his own house to visit. But he will be able to visit Maiko. I don’t mind revisiting it later. I just don’t want to immediately start adding stuff i didn’t intended even before i really even get the game development started.

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