January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “Updates: December 18 2013

  1. The BG to this picture looks nice is it part of Eriot sketch with the BG. To think you are almost done with everything. The picture makes it look like Maiko is the Christmas Present. LOL

  2. I think I might make a Christmas version of spa tap and Oppai play also since it is so easy to make. I have a lot of stuff to do. Most of said “stuff” is still messing with the website unfortunately lol. I found what I need to do I just need to actually find the time to get it done.

  3. @Joe
    She being the christmas present was the main point man, hah. I saw the other version with the BG and its really cool, that the one that will be animated or this? I can see a lot of interations with the objects on both, but I cant stop thinking that “opening” the present would be the best 😉
    Spa tap was really popular when it was released, a xmas version would be nice, but i cant see much stuff changing from the original, the same for oppai play, heh.

  4. Not sure what I will have time to finish. Yesterday was pretty unproductive unfortunately. I want to put stuff around the room. If I can just manage the tree I think I would be in a good position.

    I have a few idea for additional game play elements for both oppai play and spa tap. It was popular here but both of those games are still unknown anywhere else, yet. But it is good because that allows me to test out stuff without it getting shredded to pieces.

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