My old Annie 3D models and Animations


This is like 7 year old stuff. Never used them, I don’t think I ever showed them either. maybe. But I’m showing everything I made with them in this video. This had to have been right around the time after I had learned how to rig models in 3D studio max.

Annie’s overall look has not changed too much from this. She still wears this same outfit, just not at the start. This is her stripper club clothes she likes to wear since she could never anything like this as her time being a full fledged priestess.

The more recent version of Annie has a more pinkish hair color, and a bit more blue color in her eyes. This was all done so people would not confuse her with Maiko, who also has orange hair and green eyes.

ever since creation of Annie as a character in JLCK, she has always been some kind of guide for Donavik. Able to sort of predict what happens. Like in Semitix, her meeting Donavik would essentially reset several times. In fact of she would meet him in completely different conditions for the first time in different stories.

In semitix she meets him a cave to save him from rocks falling on him. However in Ralamar Elements she had male chest armor on and robes on under that and went by the name Cindelo Rose as pose as a male. Donavik eventually found out he was a she when they dueled and had her pinned down.

I have whole story written somehwere I just need to find it. If not I can just rewrite it eventually. I also need to post semitix here. I might need to make a whole story/script section. To keep track of everything script/scenario/story related.

I have a few other 3D things I was to get re-rendered. A scene where old v2 Maiko fights sentinels. Joe might remember that. Then Another scene with future gheist. Jumping off a building onto another I might have shown this also. At the time this was hard as balls to make. I had to get physics going manually, and hair physics was still something I had not mastered. You can see it from the crappy Annie hentai part. Then in 2007 my computer was not all that great compared today to rendering took several hours! First world problems.

Now I could just recreate this stuff in mmd with what I currently have very easily lol.