September 11, 2023

10 thoughts on “My old Annie 3D models and Animations

  1. Yep I sure do remember these 3D Models of annie. Some you show a video, I remember the one music video where you have 3D model Annie. Than another 3D model Charity using her powers. I do remember the fight scene with Maiko vs The Sentinels. LOL It was on the old site vortex00 dot com.

    Now I never seen the hentai annie 3D model. Annie’s areola is bigger than her 2D counterpart. I take it you was making breast size type. But change your mind about areola’s shape and size of the females.

    Annie is using one of Tasha’s uniform on the video. So in a way Leeina and Tasha have some strip uniform. From the job they use to do. LOL

    1. the stuff on vortex00 is completely gone so I can’t go see what any of it actually was. You must mean the 3D charity one where she it sitting on the building with the butterfly?

      I don’t really know what I had in mind at the time I had that hentai scene. I don’t remember why the areolas are that large. I probably just lazily stretched the vertices in making the breasts bigger which resulted in a larger areola.

      Yeah I can have some scene of Annie going through Tasha’s stuff lol. clothes from when her and Leeina worked there. Maybe she is asking Tasha how she and Leeina became the professor’s assistants.

      1. Well since Dr. Light is a perv. I get the feeling it is a DBZ Master Roshi moment. LOL

        Donavik already past as a assistant. At that time the girls created there tech and show it off. There where others too. Professor told Donavik the sisters might be my next choice I’m not sure. The sisters in panic mode, Donavik told them trust me your girls are going to be pick.

        Donavik told Dr. Light I know a place we can go and talk about who to choose from. Going to the strip club. Dr. Light thinks Donny boy is smart for such a plan. Dr Light finds the 2 sisters dancing. He is drooling passes out. After the dances the 2 girls did. The next day in which Donavik have a chuckle he did that meeting on purpose. Dr. Light after said he chooses the Leyah sisters. Dr. Light have a little red chicks. Leeina is like wow really. Tasha is like Who gives a shit we past we fucking got the job STFU. Dr. Light well you 2 did made your weapons and idea plus created it all in 1 day. So yes you past…

        Because of Tasha Dr. Light is fascinated with breast. On how in biology it can grow that large. The reason he ask Ghiest if he can touch her breast. Is do to his fascination. No thanks to Tasha. LOL

        You can add lots of humor how those 2 got their job. Annie starts laughing. Tasha’s crush on Sixxe build up from moments like those.

        1. Thanks I can work with this. A few changes however.

          I didn’t want to make the professor perverted for very reason you just gave lol. His intelligence and personality can easily be discredited by comparing him to goofy characters like the dbz hermit. I can’t see this guys drooling and passing out. However he would find Tasha’s breasts fascinating. So perhaps later on after living with the girls be becomes horny. I actually had to go back and play old stuff to see where you got that from. Your memory is pretty good dude lol. I really need to make that prologue. There is no reason I cant. I have everything. gheist, the old man, and the shade knight, annie and donavik all from DoE. The problem is it has to make sense because in DoE. They never found gheist until it was too late. However in the Gheist prologue Annie starts off sitting on a building looking right at Gheist.

          And from Semitix you know they only went looking for Gheist once before failing. And after they failed they went back to give Maiko the hairpin. They can’t simply redo it because Gheist is a cia.

          So Annie still had her vision of Gheist, however the disconnect is in the Gheist prologue when they went looking for Gheist and Annie was right there looking at her. Annie and Donavik also catches up with Gheist afterwards in any ending senario which also makes no sense. The part with Maiko happens right after Gheist handles the shade knight thanks to a quick lesson from Prof. Light. before he took a hit for her.

          So essentially, Annie and Donavik need to never catch up with Gheist at all in the Gheist prologue. She just meets the professor, then fights the shade knight, then meets Maiko. Actually in a very old flash Gheist fights several shade knights during that period. I’ll see if can find it.

          1. Gheist fighting multiple shade knights… the demo I played is Annie sees Gheist, Gheist meets old man. Shade Knight attacks. If you win a world map can’t do nothing.
            I remember on the old site you had pictures of Gheist inside the Strip Club able to talk to people inside.

            Don’t know if that was real or just a concept art at the time. I remember a little girl with a big ass sword on the same pic she have a cannon. I think you called her Kirumi.

            You had a red head girl having green hood like Gheist but her weapon is a big ass axe. You have a sketch and a 3D model of her. You can almost mistake her for Ghiest.

            You had a 3D model of some other girl with a red hair green eyes. She have a pink hood, top, white shirt with on her back a yellow ribbon Her weapon was a black staff with a pink crystal. It might be a character I don’t know about since it’s for was concept pictures of a 2d and 3d JLCK game.

            Dude your early concept have lots of good ideas in it. Yeah I surprise myself how I can memorize shit sometimes.

  2. @justjoe2k

    Yeah there are two versions of Gheist the later version has red hair. I guess it is similar to Maiko and Charity.

    The girl with the yellow ribbon is a Khalei Mage back in era of Mage vs Machine. It was designed for a possible online game using realmCrafter.

  3. Anyways as for the fail hentai 3D Annie. It looks like she was trying to strip dance. A Fail one to that. Maybe wondering how the hell did Tasha and her sis did the dance. Tasha face palm laughing you suck. I’m sure Annie doesn’t know what a strip club is. For all she knows it’s a dance. Since she probably is naive in the world she is in. Hell she asking the sisters how to do this dance. As the sisters both say they’ll past. Forget it, it’s all in the past.

    Now Annie is whining to the sisters. LOL

  4. Vortex00: I have whole story written somewhere I just need to find it. If not I can just rewrite it eventually. I also need to post semitix here. I might need to make a whole story/script section. To keep track of everything script/scenario/story related.

    I’ll search it for ya if it’s in the forums. But I’ll need hints to find what I’m looking for in the forums.

    As for Story/Script Section sounds like a good idea HOWEVER in that section you should also keep a list what have been done in that section. You know what you did with B_ ideas. I’m talking about the way you organised the list.

    Inside you had the Normal Threads and the Important Treads like this.

    In which inside look like this.

    It would save you trouble to organised it the way you already have it. I guess the section would be for writing script or users throwing ideas of text speak line out of characters. Now that I think of it it saves you from making random conversation with people. Hell even save the text for JLCK use.

    1. Nah It is written on a spiral notebook somewhere in my parents old house. I had planned to go there and look for it sometime over the weekend before I go visit them.

      I just added some text sections, I’ll try to copy some of the stuff there eventually.

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