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23 thoughts on “Updates: February 11 2014

  1. Something i never got to ask, is the sex club still going to happen or is that going to be in another game?
    You got 2 or at least one ordered from me bro, got have those 😛
    Those pens look nice, I imagine having a nice pic could give that feel of opening those center pics of adult maganizes, heh. With double pages and all.

    1. Thanks, yes there is a sex club in the game with Jeni as the lead. Or you are you referring to something else ? I just want to make sure we are talking about the same thing.

      1. Yeah, i was talking about that club, its just that we didnt mention it for some months in the forums, that i thought it wasnt going to be on this version, but i am glad it will. I think its one of the surprises you said there would be on it during you last TandA. Cant wait 😉

          1. Thats cool, i thought that after asking. Felt kinda sorry because it would be a nice surprise for me, heh. But i was curious anyways, i hope there are more to come 😀

  2. might cool for on the pens to have not only some nice art but some secret codes or something, revel some secret website, or maybe even a puzzle or some sort. Might be more useful in ARIA. I’ll see what it takes to get those made. I think that would be more than enough stuff for now.

    1. Is it possible to make those codes to snap pics with the cell phone and direct for some website you make?
      Man, so many ideas, i remember Doritos had those codes, and using a program you could download from their website and using a webcam, you could see stuff on those codes, if there wasnt problems on using the MMD dances, you could make random codes on the pens and each one would have Maiko dancing something, there could be normal pens and adult dances pens. I might be going overboard here, but that would be awesome.
      The puzzles and secrets are cool too, resolving a puzzle on the pen would give a password for some special mode on the game or mini, or maybe… a trailer for you next game, in this case a Aria Trailer!

      1. Secret codes for Aria and others since you do have a password system in the flash. For easter eggs. ….maybe the password system can be in your SVP site? That direct people in hidden page, I’m just over thinking eh not a bad idea Vortex00. It is a nice market to use for your site.

        1. those flash passwords can be hacked but I think having a few would not hurt, I could have a combination of many different secret things. I few videos set to private on youtube or a link to something here I don’t mention.

      2. like those QR codes? that is a awesome idea man. I’m not sure how I would have a puzzle but I would figure it out, just have to research some stuff.

      3. like those QR codes? that is a awesome idea man. I’m not sure how I would have a puzzle but I would figure it out, just have to research some stuff.

        1. I am glad you like, heh.
          Yeah, the possibilities are big on this one, i dont know how to work with this, but i saw a lot of cool stuff with those, both with the QR codes and with AR together with webcams or cell phones.
          Here is the doritos thing i mentioned before, you bought it and then when going to the website you could get a pet, or on this version never released in Brazil, you could watch music videos too, it in portuguese, but there are videos after the text.
          There is this AR cyber maid they made in japan a few years ago, its the same technology, but using cubes and making them interact, i think a more simple version can be made nowadays:
          This technology was all over the place there, heh.
          I think you can make codes on the pens so they give access to special pages here or like the doritos example, make a dancing maiko.

          1. Wow those are actually awesome, it’s like a evolve 3D form of Chatbot Maiko!

            If you need to know JJ back in Vortex00 dot com, Vortex old website, he had a chatbot of Maiko in a flash. You chatted with Maiko. He plan on making it interactive in the chatbot. But was later remove do to first his HDD being damage and later move his site to the one your in write now.

            But this is taking it in a different level, however you can’t chat with her can you?

          2. Hmm, I dont think so, most of the actions are poking and giving things to her, but that is kinda old, heh. She was made in 2008, when this technology was new, i think better stuff can be made, but it can be another project for the future, depends on how Vortex would like to work on this. For example, she mostly reacts to the things you do, and talk back, with original voices, that can cost some money if its made a chat bot. I think the program can be made so you can type and interact, so she would answer to you back too, but i think you could use chat bubbles in this case too.
            But the main idea was to just use the Doritos tech to show video clips, like the band one. And this little maid one, was to put one maiko mmd dance for each type of pen, you use the webcam and she will be dancing for you, heh. No need for interaction of anything else, just keeping simple.

          1. Yeah I can find something to do. I actually model my own 3D Maiko in 3d studio max. The hair is from what I made anyways. That is the hardest part for any character. I’ll have to first research this AR a bit to see how feasible this even is.

        2. Well if your looking to test the water of a QR codes here you go, a QR Code Generator website.


          Is it safe? Well this is just to test the QR Code. You might want to look into it. Manually is always safer than auto. Do to the code you write is your doing. You never know what the auto code is writing.

          But hey it’s a website to test out QR Codes so why not. 🙂

  3. Never heard or seen of Banner Pens that scroll like that before, I have seen banner pens but not into a scroll.

    More Eroit stuff? Cool like seen how she drew your type of art style doing things her own way. But you adding the colors.

    Glad the Mouse pads are back. I do plan to order one of these, mouse pads.

    Your working on UMCC again well you do have this page.

    Which are for users to leave script ideas in that page. Hey JJ I’m sure you have some ideas of conversation of script…. Damn where the fuck is B_? He is the one that usually have a bible of ideas, script etc. The day you finally put a page up about it is the the day B_ is missing in action. 🙂

    1. Man, I was reading that post, but you and B__ are the scenario idea guys, i cant think much on those since i dont know much about the future or in depth of the characters. And i mostly only think in erotic scenarios and stuff or ways that kyle can try to get something for him, but i dont think those are good to share and i get embarrassed of how lame they can be, lol.

      1. that is actually is more of what I need because I don’t think in those terms. It actually hard for me to think of that kind of stuff sometimes.

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