January 2, 2024

10 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Onsen Hime Secret Rendezvous

  1. So the girl that does the voice acting is doing a let’s play to give a opinion of the game. SlaveDol was entertaining, someone new that never played try the game is actually show how a newcomer that buy the game will do. When they first play the game.

    Didn’t this game got a sequel?

  2. Vortex00 ; II down loaded Onsen Hime Secret Rendezvous and played it but there was a lot of scenes disabled like 4 girls helped sex scenes, and peep shows ,but other than that not bad.

  3. Purchased it. Enjoyed it. Auto-battle = lazy way. Selecting attacks is better because you can choose the correct type of attack for the creature. Type matters….

    There IS a help menu that teaches you. When you are in training you can learn attacks.

    I unlocked all images – didn’t mind having to work for them.. There are peeps in the game early on.

    And by the way.. there is a flashlight in the lower right side. I didn’t need to adjust any light level. Just turn on the flashlight. (*.*)

  4. I’m not sure she gave it a ‘fair shake’. I was a new player and took the time to read the help menu and other stuff. Makes a difference. Maybe I’m odd that I actually read the help stuff? dunno

    1. yes you gave a review of the game after figuring out everything. That is not he point of the video.

      You still miss a lot. with selecting moves or not.
      I played it a few days later after she did. How long did it take you to see that there is a flashlight? Probably not immediately as you entered the cave because nothing in the game tells you.
      No one wants to watch un-skippable videos that forever to get to the point. Took forever just to explain how to use the rope.
      There are peeps early on but where ?

      The point if the video is not to show that this stuff is not in the game. It is to show that it is not clear on where to find it or not clear how some game mechanic works. Like having a flashlight. And that the learning curve is a bit steep and you spend most of the early game being bored reading tutorials. I’m sure the game is great from then on. But some people get put off by that.

  5. I do respect your opinion and I will agree to disagree with some points as we all deserve to have our own opinions

    You said this video was recorded 2 times so this was not ‘truly’ a new player’s first time review. I only bought the game a few days ago so I think my review as a ‘new player’ is equal to the video.

    I actually DID noticed the flashlight immediately at the start of the game because all I did was hover over each icon and the name told me in plain English that it was a light. No mystery there and no help menu needed. I just tried it in the cavern and lo and behold – I had a flashlight.

    This is an RPG game.. not a first person shooter where all you do is point and shoot. For me, part of the joy of this type of game is that I have to try and figure things out. Yes.. there are things that could be improved upon but any game will have that.

    The peeps.. I will concede that I figured them out in my second run through but I have found in most other RPG games of a similar nature you don’t get rewarded with the hentai stuff right away.

    I realize that help menus are not always the best but I know a lot of gamers that do read some of the information when they purchase a new RPG game. The dev of this game obviously took the time to give players help menus and tips which is more than can be said about other games.

    Again.. I respect your opinion and am only stating mine.

    1. you’re not stating your opinion, you are just trying to counter my arguments. your whole upper half is just trying to counter me lol

      here are the facts:

      giving your opinion after you completed the game is not the same as a first impression. doesn’t matter if it was a few days, or a few hours ago.

      it is not a first time review, it is a first impression. in which those thoughts of the game can still be retained after the first time playing it. especially when it hasn’t even been 30 minutes later.

      in the video the flashlight was missed.
      when I played it myself later I still didn’t see it.

      the point of the video is to show how someone who plays games might play this game. Not how some veteran RPG player plays it.

      in the tutorial videos you can’t go back a few seconds to re-watch what it just showed. Instead you have to reload the whole animation again.

      in first play though, it was even worse, we could not figure out how to even give the girl the antidote for a good while. perhaps because were standing right in front of her unknowingly dealing with a bug in the game that affects how the menu works.

      you still did not mention there where the peeps early on are

      played for about one hour before getting frustrated.


      giving the antidote to the girl at the start should be as simple as walking up to her and pressing the action button. Not something buried in sub-menus

      the snakes in the cave need to be toned down a whole hell of a lot.

      the damage is way too random. you will do like 1k damage for a move and on the next turn that same move will do like 56. assuming it doesn’t miss. It is like the enemy has armor that only works part of the time. There is no explanation I saw of why the damage is this random.

      the guy should be a like. “dang i need to use my flashlight” or something when entering the cave.

      stuff like this wouldn’t lessen the experience for any veteran players. least of all the story.

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