VortexPlays: Onsen Hime Secret Rendezvous

Actually SlaveDol played it in the video. I played it a few days later. I figured her doing it might be a interesting change up for this video. Figured it would be better then my dull boring voice lol. Sadly the first video didn’t render correctly. So this is the second time around. Keep in mind the video is made to see how someone new might play their game. usually it is not played the way the developer had in mind lol.


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I’ll have to admit I ran into similar issues as in the video aside from the training part. But the accuracy is better when manually selecting individual abilities instead of letting the auto attack do its thing. Plus I also had the Gun equipped with the sword so he took a few shots sometimes for basic attacks.

I was going to use my review box thing but I never made it to the hentai parts. So I will summarize things.
There is another review on DLsite you might check out via the Download/Trial link.

the quality of the game seems really good. Lots of items and weapons and armor, multiple party members, different fighting mode and stances that can all alter the fight. Plus you can learn what you opponent is doing. The menu system is fleshed out and there are tutorials. Character have different facial expressions and stances that show when relevant to what they are saying. My only main concern is that pressing the menu button when in front of something that trigger some event will trigger the event, instead of bringing up the menu.

I’m not sure where I actually need to go or what I need to do after the basic hand holding tutorial. I’m saying this as someone new to the game and only played a bit of the demo from a previous version. The female character says to go to a cave to save seven girls but the snakes in the cave can do a surprising about of damage and inflict multiple status effects on the player character. Plus the cave is dark and hard to see depending on your monitor brightness settings. So it left me wondering if I was really supposed to go there first. It is not clear or easy missed. Also I’m not sure if there is a brightness check but it always good to have some kind of brightness adjustment setting at the start of the game if you are going to have dark areas. I’m pretty sure veterans of Onsen Hime know exactly what to do.

Not sure where the hentai was but I never bumped into anything. I’m guessing it comes along after you start saving the girls from the cave. I found that it is always good to have some easily accessible hentai that can be seen at the start of the game for new players, or player not good at the game. Then players can play through the game to see/unlock the rest of it.